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Dr Martens 1461

4 products found.
Dr Martens 1461 Pride Shoes (White)
Dr Martens 1461 Pride Shoes (White)
Dr Martens Bethan Smooth Leather Mary Jane Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Bethan Smooth Leather Mary Jane Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Bethan Piercing Mary Jane Platform Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Bethan Piercing Mary Jane Platform Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Addina Flower Buckle Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Addina Flower Buckle Shoes (Black)
The Dr Martens brand has been a reputable source of high quality footwear for decades, whether you’re a long time fan or just looking at trying a new pair of shoes that will last, the Dr Martens 1461 shoes are worth your attention. While you may know Dr Martens for their stunning calf-high boots, their range of 1461 shoes are made with the same high standards for style, durability and comfort but are less well known. If you’re looking for a quality pair of shoes then learning about the 1461 range is the first step to making a smart investment in your footwear.

If you have to dress formally for your job or education then it is important to find a fitting pair of shoes that complete your outfit. While you’re wearing work shoes every day, the result can often mean having to regularly replace your shoes as they start to fall apart. By choosing the 1461 range of Dr Martens Shoes you will see their impressive strength and durability, meaning you no longer have to shell out money every year for yet another pair of poorly made work boots. These shoes are also ultra comfortable which means that if you’re working on your feet all day, you can make your work experience easier. 

Of course it doesn’t just have to be your work that requires a formal outfit. Going to weddings or other special events means that you need a pair of shoes that will make hours of dancing easier on your feet and will last through night after night of festive celebration. 

The Elegant Style of Dr Martens 1461 Shoes

The name of this range gives a clue to the design used to create this style of shoe. The 1461 shoes are similarly shaped to the iconic 1460 boot. The upper is the same shape as the 1460 except the material cuts off before the ankle. Depending on style, the toe box can replicate the 1460 look or can be pointed for a formal look. There are also 3 eyelets on each side instead of the boots 8 eyelets. With a pair of trouser it can often be difficult to know which style is being worn, which provides several benefits for the 1461 shoes. By getting the Doc Martens 3 eye fastening, you can quickly lace and tie up your shoes. They are also easier to slip onto the foot. Like all of the other Dr Martens shoes, the sole is made from the same special process.

If you haven’t already tried out a pair of Dr Martens shoes then you haven’t experienced the comfort of the air cushioned sole, which is a major advantage for this brand compared to others on the market. This makes working for long periods on your feet a lot easier. These soles are also resistant to oil, fat and mud making them easy to clean and maintain so you can always look your best while at work or school. To top it all off, the sole is connected to the rest of the shoe with a Goodyear welting process that uses heat while stitching to ensure that these shoes will last for a long time.

Just like all of the Dr Martens ranges, the Dr Martens 1461 has several different colour and leather options that make them suit a number of different outfits. Here are just a few options that are available to you.
  • 1461 Smooth Shoes – This is a regular work shoe style that will suit any formal situation. The leather is a smooth solid colour and the toe box is pointed for smarter appearance. While the usual Dr Martens sole is a brown colour, there is a Dr Martens 1461 Mono option that has a full black shoe. This makes these 1461 shoes the perfect choice for a work environment. Because the leather is smooth, it also makes the stitching look more pronounced for a very stylish effect.
  • 1461 Virginia Shoes – These shoes feature leather produced especially for its cracked pattern. This is a great choice for anyone looking to add a bit more style to their shoe without keeping them appropriate for a formal environment. The black colour of these shoes is also softer, making them a better addition to a variety of differently coloured outfits.
  • 1461 Vegan Shoes – Getting a pair of high quality and durable shoes shouldn’t have to be at the cost of your choice to be Vegan. That is why we have options available that use synthetic Vegan leather that doesn’t affect the style of the shoe while also allowing you to keep your lifestyle. This option also comes with the choice between the regular Dr Martens 1462 black and the original cherry red shoes that is the signature of Dr Marten’s footwear.

Shop Blue Banana for Great Doc Martens UK

At Blue Banana, we have twenty years of experience with providing quality Alternative footwear for our customers and Dr Martens are no exception. The footwear available on our website is shippable to countries all over the world and can be shipped swiftly to residents in the UK. All you need to do is pick the shoes you want and sit back while we handle the rest. The Dr Martens 1461 mens and womens sizes are double checked to make sure that you’re receiving the exact size that you want. With all this work, it’s easy to see why we’re one of the UK’s best sources for Alternative fashion.

It still gets better as we’re always adding new products to our store, including Dr Martens so if you can’t find the perfect 1461 shoe to suit your needs, you can check back later to find a bunch of new options for your next pair of shoes. So now you know all about this awesome range, get searching now for a pair of shoes that are worth the investment. Once you receive your shoes you will wonder why you haven’t been taking the Dr Martens 1461 shoes to work before.