Horror Contact Lenses


Horror Contact Lenses


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Make sure you have the scariest costume this Halloween with coloured contacts and horror contact lenses. With styles to suit any look this party season, complete your outfit with the finishing touches to really bring it to life (or death).

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to vamp up your look from just zombie-esque to zombie-best then cosmetic contacts are just the thing! Easy to use, these little beauties will make all the difference in helping you stand out from the crowd or swarm of un-dead brain eaters...

With a huge range of spooky looks to choose from, there are options for all manner of monsters. Select from a whole host of devilish eye wear to suit whatever mad, mysterious or downright bizarre characters you can dream up.

Get Your Freak on With a Pair of Horror Contact Lenses!

From patterns to single colours, zombie white eyes and spooky motifs, check out this huge range for the perfect accessory to make those pesky trick or treater's think twice about knocking on your door. Fashion lenses are the perfect accessory for those who like to give it 100%.

With a great range of colours for all occasions, there are blood spattered effects for the un-dead and sclera lenses for completely black eyes, an ideal match for fair skin for a look that’ll make all but the bravest ghost-busters shudder.

Coloured contacts demon eyes are sure to appeal to anyone visiting from the underworld to cause mischief and mayhem. This range also includes vampire styles for creatures of the night and cat eyes for a sexy, mysterious look.

Still looking? How about a truly freaky blind look with white out lenses, to completely cover the iris and pupil. Alternatively check out an all-black design that will leave people questioning whether there’s a soul in there at all. Combine your zombie look with UV lenses, clear a path as people jump back to avoid the glowing zombie eyes, a truly awesome show at those Halloween raves.

If printed designs are more your thing, then check out Dracula fangscrowsspidersflames and coffins to name a few, perfect for marking out your eyes as a set piece in their own right.

Spooky Styles at Prices That Won't Terrify You!

Our coloured contacts horror themed contact lenses are all sourced from the best UK suppliers, so they’re top quality, safe and easy to use. Offering perfect coverage even for dark eyes, these lenses are all non-prescription so you can wear them without affecting your vision. Forget wandering zombie like up and down the high street for the same old fancy dress accessories, you’ve just found the thing that’s going to set your costume apart.

As well as a gruesome range of designs there are a nice and un-scary choice of options. Looking for a single night's incarnation as one of the un-dead? The single use lenses let you do just that. Or for the ghoul with a busy party season ahead check out 90 day reusable lenses or 1 year reusable lenses that let you reinvent yourself as a creepy creature!