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Official Nirvana Smiley Face T Shirt (Black)
Official Nirvana Smiley Face T Shirt (Black)
Official Nirvana Nevermind Smiley Hoodie (Black)
Official Nirvana Nevermind Smiley Hoodie (Black)
Official Nirvana Nevermind T Shirt (Black)
Official Nirvana Nevermind T Shirt (Black)
Official Nirvana Smiley Spinner Keychain (Multicoloured)
Official Nirvana Smiley Spinner Keychain (Multicoloured)
Official Nirvana Alleyway T Shirt (Black)
Official Nirvana Alleyway T Shirt (Black)
Official Nirvana Hoodie (Yellow)
Official Nirvana Hoodie (Yellow)
One of the best bands to have ever rocked: Nirvana. Nirvana was one of the greatest grunge rock bands to ever emerge from America. Their moody lyrics and heavy guitar sounds made them an icon in the 90’s and still are to this day. We’re so glad to have official Nirvana merchandise as part of our band merch collection here at Blue Banana. 

Nirvana is often a staple of any alternative individual’s music catalogue. It’s hard to find even one person who doesn’t know the name Nirvana or has heard "Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The punk attitudes of Cobain, Grohl and Novoselic are what make this band so awesome and their grunge sound and gruff lyrics resonate with so many young people. Their teenage angst vibe is what makes them still listened to today! The band has achieved a milestone with their 30th anniversary for Nevermind – an album that really put them on the music map. Reaching over 30 million copies worldwide, it’s quite clearly one of the best-selling albums of all time! Blue Banana has held a photoshoot in honour of the Nevermind achievement. View our celebration of the 30th anniversary here

The pioneers of the grunge movement, Nirvana gave the Generation X era a voice. Their couldn't-care-less attitude and anti-establishment punk vibes spoke to the youngsters of their time and echoed their perspectives. Nirvana single-handedly propelled the all new grunge style into the mainstream. Nirvana still maintains popularity till this day, earning them the well-deserved title of greatest grunge rock band ever. Despite the short life of the band and the untimely end of Kurt Cobain’s life, Nirvana is still a household name.

If you’re looking to pay homage to one of the greats then take a browse through our Nirvana Merchandise section. You’re sure to find an item you’ll love!

Nirvana Merch

Are you looking to spruce up your wardrobe? Want to add in some band merchandise for an edgy look? Well, we have all the merch you could need from your favourite bands! Our Nirvana merch section includes the likes of nirvana band t-shirts, Nirvana hoodies as well as beanies, mugs and keyrings. There’s plenty of ways you can show your love of Nirvana with our selection of merch. 

Our band merchandise includes:

  • Album merch: Get merchandise from your favourite Nirvana Albums including the infamous Nevermind and their final album In Utero. With not only t-shirts, but hoodies, hats and accessories for you to complete your Nirvana themed outfit. Choose from brightly coloured merch to black and white tees.
  • Kurt Cobain: Get official merch with the face of your favourite rock star of all time: Kurt Cobain. Pay homage to one of the greatest rock musician to ever live with a t-shirt in his honour.
  • Band Logo: Get clothing and accessories with the iconic Nirvana smiley face logo. Instantly recognizable, this logo stands out with its bright colours. Try traditional yellow smiley face, or try a blue or rainbow smiley logo piece.

We love band merchandise as much as you do. That’s why we’ve got a whole range of clothing, accessories and gifts from your favourite musicians and bands so you can show your love. Whether its heavy metal, pop punk or indie music, we love it all! 

Official Band Merchandise

Band t-shirts are a great alternative fashion staple. Dress casual with skinny jeans and sneakers or glam it up with a leather jacket – they’re so versatile! These band tees can also be given as the perfect gift for your loved ones with an affinity to grunge and rock music! Don’t know what to get your best friend for their birthday? Why not try an official Nirvana t-shirt! Got a family member for secret Santa who loves all things alternative? Gift them a Nirvana mug or keyring! 

Nirvana is popular with many sub-cultures, such as: 
  • Grunge
  • Alternative 
  • Emo
  • Scene
  • Hipsters
  • Punks
  • Skaters
  • Metal Heads
No matter which category you relate to, Nirvana merch is for everyone! Band merchandise can be paired with any style of clothing for a killer look!

Band Merch Clothing & Accessories

We stock official band merch from a whole range of rock and metal bands. Whether you love old school rock or enjoy current alternative music, you are sure to find merchandise to suit you. Grab yourself a t-shirt or hoodie from your favourite band, or browse our Band Merch Gifts section to take a look at all our homeware and accessories from the likes of Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Slipknot! We have keyrings, tankards and socks as well as jewellery and cuff links to add a touch of bling to your outfit. Add some rock n’ roll to your home with an official band merch trinket box or poster. If that’s not enough then try accessorising your outfit with a band merch beanie, wristband or patch! There are so many items to choose from in our Official Band Merchandise section you’ll be spoilt for choice! All of our amazing merchandise is made with quality materials that will last, meaning you can wear them every day without a worry!