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Eye Care Solution

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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution & Case (100ml)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution & Case (100ml)
If you’re new to contact lenses or have been a long time user, one of the most important things that should be considered is Eye Care Solution. When it comes to your eyes, safety and health is very important; and is an absolute must for keeping your contact lenses clean and ready for use.

Why Do I Need Contact Lens Solution?

As we have outlined above, keeping your lenses clean and healthy is one of the most important things you can do; and to do so you’ll need to get yourself a contact len solution designed to maintain your lenses. Many people believe that eye care solution is only needed for people who are using specific types and brands of reusable contact lenses, but this isn’t the case. Let us answer your question of ‘What is Contact Lens Solution?’.

Contact Lens Solutions or Eye Care Solutions are used in order to clean and maintain contact lenses and cases. All of these products generally consist of a tested saline solution that is used for rinsing both your contact lenses and cases. Using a proven Contact Lens Solution like the ones that are sold on Coloured Contacts helps prevent against bacterial infections which build up naturally without proper maintenance. Particularly this build up occurs with the use of reusable every day lenses, however there are other benefits that can be seen by using one of our contact lens liquid.

When using daily lenses it is important to always consider the use of contact lens solution. Although your new coloured contacts will already arrive safely packaged in solution; it is important to regularly change this and allow your lenses to soak before usage. This provides your lenses with new solution so that it can act fast in sterilising your coloured contact lenses making them clean and fresh to wear.

How To Clean Contact Lens Case With Solution

If you are leaving your leaving your coloured contacts in a case during storage it is important to use top contact lens solution in order to perform correct maintenance. Using a recommended eye contacts solution will allow you to clean your lenses and remove any bacterial build up. By leaving solution within your contact lens case it also guarantees that your contact lenses will be safe and sterile for your next usage. This is due to the contact lens solution being specially formulated to lift left over protein and residue from the contact lenses that your eyes naturally produce. Please read the steps below for cleaning contact lens case tips:

1: After removing your lenses, discard the old solution from the wells located within the case.

2: Using a clean finger, rub the wells within the case for roughly 5-10 seconds.

2: Rinse and clean the case with a recommended disinfecting/lens solution.

4: Wipe dry or leave face down to dry.

5: When you next wish to use the case, fill with solution up to the guided line and store your lenses.

Please note: It is important that your lenses are completely submerged. These steps are required after every usage in order to maintain contact lens case care.
No matter whether you’re going for daily or reusable; we highly recommend choosing one of our premium and high quality products. We have a wide variety of products to choose from that will be useable for almost any coloured contact lenses that you have. If you’re worried about needing different solutions for costume, natural or prescription coloured contact lenses; you’ll be pleased to know that one fits all. All of our lenses will be specially formulated and designed in order to provide outstanding quality and comfort; and with the use of one of our eye care solution kits you’ll be able to continue your positive experiences and make sure that your lenses are well looked after and maintained well enough for them to be used for their entire intended durations.