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Hair Chalk

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Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Sun Kissed)
Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Sun Kissed)
Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Silver Moon)
Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Silver Moon)
Looking to add instant and temporary colour to your hair for an eye catching look? Take a gander at our amazing range of high quality, colourful and vibrant hair chalk!

Our selection of hair chalk from top hair beauty brand names come in a great variety of essential shades such as pink, green, purple, blue and red that allow you to light up your hairstyle for immediate impact!

Make An Instant Colourful Impact With Our Vibrant Hair Chalk!

Those that that love to restyle their hair with vibrant and beautiful colours, but perhaps can’t commit to dying their locks in the long term because of work or school should
definitely invest in some of our amazing hair chalk. Hair chalks allow you to apply instant colour to your hair for a temporary boost of colour that can be washed out in the morning.

Hair chalk has multiple uses and is ideal for pursuing the unique ombre look or for experimenting with different shades of colour in your hair before using a more long term dye. Also, because its colourful effect is only temporary, it’s great for using to add colour to your hair for a big night out, a party or a fancy dress costume or cosplay.

Blue Banana has a fantastic range of temporary hair chalk for anyone looking to add a temporary boost of colour to their look and all of it comes from top hair beauty brands you can trust to bring vibrant shades to your locks, such as Stargazer and Splat. These hair chalks won’t let you down and are sure to get you noticed wherever you chose to wear them!

Give A Temporary Boost Of Colour To Your Hair With Our Quality Chalk

  • High Quality & Colourful Hair Chalk
  • Adds A Temporary Boost Of Colour For Instant Impact
  • Great Variety Of Shades From Brands Such As Stargazer & Splat
If you’re looking for a certain shade in particular then you’ll most likely find it within our hair chalk collection. We’ve got bright red, pink, orange, purple, green, yellow and blue to choose from and probably a whole lot more likely to arrive in the near future. Feel free to experiment with them all!

Are you looking to add some colour to your hair for a big party or just want to experiment with a new style? Then look no further than our range of high quality hair chalk that allows you to make an instant impact with your hair!