New Year's Contact Lenses


New Year's Contact Lenses


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New Year’s Eve is a special time of festivity, good cheer and joy! It symbolises that we’ve managed to get through another tough year...and’s time to party! What better way to spoil yourself than with a pair of New Year’s contact lenses to steal the show at your New Year’s celebrations? Usher in the New Year in style with an exciting pair of New Year’s Contact Lenses! Now, all that’s left to do is rock ‘n roll, have a good time, party hard and have a blast at your New Year’s bash!!!

Whether it’s a pair of coloured NYE lenses or novelty lenses you’re after, our coloured contacts have a varied range for your needs! Your New Year’s contact lenses can be put to good use long after your New Year’s party is over! They can be used as a pair of party contactsspecial occasion lenses, a pair of everyday lenses, or just whenever you feel like popping them in. It’s great to re-use them for other special occasions like Halloween, normal parties and fancy-dress parties. All of these contact lenses are created for eyes of all different colours, and work just as well for dark eyes. They also look stunning on all skin tones. So, we invite you to take a virtual scroll through these breathtaking options!

Party On with Colourful Contact Lenses


These coloured contacts are sure to give you all the variety you need by offering an eye-popping variety of styles, designs and colours! You can choose between AnimalZombie, Blind, Mesh & Screen, Ultraviolet (UV) and Natural Effect, to name a few. Unleash your inner beast when you wear Animal contacts! Convert your eyes into the soulless eyes of the walking dead with Zombie contacts! Mesh & Screen contacts create entrancing effects using colour and texture.

Blind contacts have that opaque filmy appearance of looking like you’re blind. Ultraviolet (UV) lenses will let you stand out from the crowd with a glowing luminous effect! Opt for Natural Effect contacts if it’s an ultra-natural impression that you want, they are available in diverse colours. Check out our creative range of Special Effects novelty contact lenses as well.

There is no prescription needed to wear these lenses. These coloured contacts provide a massive range of non-prescription, fashion, cosmetic and novelty contact lenses that anyone can wear. You’ll be happy to know these lenses are really affordable compared to other lenses of similar quality, which will give your wallet a well-deserved rest! So, lay off Specsavers and Amazon, when our store full of coloured contacts is your convenient online one-stop shop!

Fast Delivery, Low Prices!

Need your contacts in a flash? Our coloured contacts have your back! UK customers get the bonus luxury of a next day delivery option, which is seriously valuable if you need a pair of lenses quickly for a party or event. All of the contact lenses are available in the following duration periods: 1 day, 90 day and 1 year. Our selection of coloured contacts always has you and your peepers organized for every possibility! In addition, our brilliant Customer Care department is on hand to deal with any support queries.

We understand that contacts must not only fulfil their aesthetic duties, but they must be really comfortable, safe and easy to wear also! This is why their contacts are produced using only high quality materials.

All of the cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed case with eye-friendly solution, keeping them in tip-top condition until you’re ready to pop those beauties in! (Always remember to visit your optician or optometrist before purchasing contact lenses).