Duration Contact Lenses


Duration Contact Lenses


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Choose from a huge range of extended wear and daily use duration contact lenses when you shop our coloured contacts. Selecting an awesome style of coloured lens is pretty vital when buying lenses, but considering how long you can keep coloured contacts for, is just as important! It’s just too easy to find the perfect pair of contacts when you can choose from plenty of contact lens durations which can suit your every need.

A one-off event can call for disposable one-use lenses whilst multiple occasions or day-to-day wear can require monthly or even yearly duration contact lenses. The choice is completely up to you! With a strict cleaning and lens maintenance procedure, you can enjoy a brand new style or shade of eye colour for an extended duration!

Daily Wear Contact Lenses For Halloween, Parties and More!

One day contacts or ‘dailies’ are perfect for occasions and parties such as Halloween or New Year’s Eve. Choose from a whole range of spooky styles and delicious designs which are sure to make you centre of attention at whichever party to choose to frequent. If you’re searching for a fancy dress costume lenses, then these lenses are essential for you. 

The beauty of single use lenses is that they are hassle free and easy to dispose of. Enjoy plenty of spooky and alternative style for one night, and then remove them! If you like to go all-out at for a big party then make sure you’re dressed to impress with a pair of glowing UV, scary Halloween or even alternative natural coloured contacts

If you’re looking to try out an extended wear style, but want to try out a pair of lenses first. Some cheap daily contact lenses could be an ideal way of seeing if the lenses work for you. 

Extended Continuous Wear Lenses For Up to 1 Year!

When you shop our coloured contacts, you can find a whole range of long duration contacts online. If you’ve got a brand new style of lens that you want to wear again and again, and then make sure you’re ready to wear them for as long as you like! Here are some of the various durations you can choose from: 
  • 30-Day Contact Lenses: perfect if you’re looking to try out a new everyday style
  • 90-Day Duration Lenses: ideal for numerous events or trying out your favourite new lens design
  • 1-Year Coloured Contacts: love those lenses, how about enjoying them for a whole 12 months?
What’s more, extended wear contact lenses are the best costume accessory for seasoned Cosplay fanatics, especially if you have a busy costume convention season ahead. Or, if you’re totally decided on your new favourite natural lens colour, 12 month coloured contact lenses can help you unlock a new style which you can rock for an entire year!

Whether its dailies or monthly wear lenses, you can also find yourself the best pair of coloured contacts to wear. Enhance your style in time for Halloween and take your costume to whole new levels of awesome. When it comes to planning a brand new look or a whole new you, then make sure to keep these duration contact lenses in mind!