Anime Contact Lenses


Anime Contact Lenses


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Our premium anime contact lenses are provided by us and ready for your next look. We are a quality driven brand that strives to produce an incredible selection of fashion contacts at affordable prices. All the products that we stock were designed with customers like you in mind to provide you a product for every occasion, which will you choose?

Elevate Your Style with the Finest Anime Lenses in the UK! 

Whether you’re looking to copy some of your favourite anime characters or create new ones, these anime contact lenses can help you achieve the look of your dreams! Worried about effectively concealing your natural eye colour? Want to make sure your anime lenses provide complete colour coverage? Then you're sure to love their collection! Each pair of lenses we sell feature bold, vivid colour pigments to ensure that even the darkest eyes are transformed. With complementary styles for dark eyes, light eyes, for fair skin and darker complexions, you can be sure to attract plenty of attention when you sport a pair of these contacts.

Perhaps you're looking to imitate an anime film or wanting to copy your favourite character’s look at a comic convention; it’s time for you to find the perfect fit. Will you choose from a huge selection of ultraviolet, special effect, or funky coloured lenses?

Our favourite styles include:

  • White Mesh
  • Tri Tone Violet/Purple
  • Manson Blue
  • Avatar
  • Kakashi
  • Rainbow
  • Enchanted and more!

Can you picture yourself dressed in anime costume wearing our beautiful starburst or wildfire designs? Your real eye colour practically disappears, and the world is entranced by the colours of your choosing.

These lenses provide full visibility, come in several duration options (1 day, 30 days, 90 days or 1 year) and are manufactured right here in the UK. So, if you’re searching for the best anime contact lens options out there, look no further! You'll be able to get a little something to suit every Cosplay creation, Halloween costume or fancy dress look, so why not make us your one-stop-shop shop for all your anime lens needs?

 Amazing Anime Styles at Low Prices

 Have you found a better selection of lenses on Amazon or through Freshlook? We didn’t think so! Not only do we have an unbeatable range of contacts, they offer them all at low prices. We don't believe that cheap lenses mean poor quality either, as they only stock lenses from premium brands. As if their fantastic prices couldn’t get any better, their quality is super high too!

When you purchase your non prescription contacts from us, you can take advantage of everything the company offers including speedy delivery services, no hassle returns, exchanges and a customer service team that is trained to meet your every need!

Before shopping one of the most diverse selections of eye contacts on the web, please have your eyes examined by a professional. It is important to be sure that these fashion lenses are a good fit for your eyes.

Grab all of your favourite anime gear and enjoy the adventure. We can’t wait to see which designs you choose!