Occasion Contact Lenses


Occasion Contact Lenses


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No matter what situation you want them for, you need to take a look at our extensive range of occasion contact lenses! We stock a number of colour contact lenses for a number of different special occasions – from Halloween to New Year’s Eve! So if you’re interested in getting a look that’ll really help you stand out from the crowd, you really need to check this range of featured products. We recommend shopping our coloured contacts for the very best high-quality lenses available online.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge on that new look you’ve been craving – whether it be for a single night or a longer stretch of time – check out this awesome range of occasion contact lenses!

Halloween Contacts and NYE Contact Lenses UK

There are many occasions that you might want a pair of colour contact lenses for. Perhaps you want a pair to wear on an everyday basis? Or maybe you’re after some Halloween contacts to get a terrifically terrifying look? Or perhaps you’re after some NYE contact lenses to bring in the new year with an extra bit of cheer? Whatever it is, you're sure to find something you love in this selection.

We stock a number a wide range of styles, so if you’ve been asking yourself ‘What type of lenses should I get?’ you can be assured that you’ll find the answer here! From blue coloured contact lenses and green coloured contact lenses to FX coloured contact lenses and even UV coloured contact lenses, we think that are range contains every type of contact lens you could hope for and more! There’s no need to worry about what the best kind of contact lenses are, because you’re sure to find the answer with us.

So if you’ve been searching high and low for the best contact lenses for eyes, take a look through their glorious range of natural, funky and downright weird colour lenses!

All About Contact Lenses

We’re happy to say that these occasion contact lenses don’t just look stunning – they’re also packed with a number of features that are guaranteed to knock your socks off!

One of the best things about these colour contact lenses is that they come with a number of durations, meaning that no matter what occasion you want them for – or how many occasions you want  them for – we’ve got you covered! We stock coloured contacts in daily contact lenses, monthly contact lenses, 90 day contact lenses and yearly contact lenses, meaning that you’ll never be stuck for choice! They're committed to helping you get the perfect pair of cosmetic contact lenses for you!

Additionally, we’re happy to say that all of our lenses are formed from high quality materials, meaning that they’re safe and comfortable for your eyes! Though we do recommend you contact an optometrist before using any kind cosmetic contact lenses, our customers should be assured that we take all of the necessary steps to ensure eye safety of their customers. 

So if you’re ready to take the plunge on occasion contact lenses, the Blue Banana range is ready and waiting for you. We think you’re guaranteed to secure yourself an incredible new look!