Aqua Contact Lenses


Aqua Contact Lenses


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The ultimate secret weapon to compliment a fancy dress for that highly anticipated party nights are aqua contact lenses. Stunning and oozing glamour, aqua coloured contact lenses can range in tone from a natural shimmer that gives a boost to your light blue eyes or a totally bold pigment that will create an unforgettable Ice Queen stare.

Best of all, there is no need to hold out for special occasions. This range of lenses can be subtle enough for a day at the office any time you feel like changing up your look. The huge selection of coloured contacts available will guarantee you can always find the perfect option to add a dash of glamour contact lenses to your daily style.

Fashion lenses are such an essential accessory to compliment or even radically alter your image. With a plethora of options available, you can order your absolute favourite colour in a 90-Day duration as well as a few super funky tones designed for single use fun!

Move Over Green, It’s Now Aqua With Envy!

Suitable even for dark eyes, these rich pigment aqua contacts will make your peepers sparkle. Single tone choices are awesome for a slightly edgy natural look. To rock a beautiful, captivating stare, the Tri-Tone 90 Day Aqua contact lenses will mesmerise everyone you lock eyes with. Even if you were born with blue colour eyes, using a fashion lenses can bring that mystic, dreamy look you have always desired.

Whether its date night or New Year’s Eve, let out your creative side and make your eyes the showcase of your outfit. Sporting glamorous, piercing bright blue eyes has never been easier. From vivid coral ocean hues to colours as intense as the sky, you will never get bored with the amazing selection and variety.

Try a feline flair for Halloween or a Cosplay convention with some 1 Day Aqua Cats Eye colour lenses that can simply be thrown away once you morph back into your human self! Can’t get enough of that piercing fierce look? The Aqua Cats Eye Contacts also are available in a 90 Day option, so you can strut your alternative stare for an entire season!

Beautifully Chic and Bank Account Friendly

No other accessory can provide such a dramatic appearance change for such a low cost! We only stock lenses of the highest quality and tone that are manufactured by leading brands. This featured selection is the best available anywhere online and made with leading technology that intertwines comfort plus style!

Reinvent yourself any time you fancy with a cool blast of colour for an angelic look, even perfect for dark eyes! Some of the quick delivery options available will have your coloured lenses at your doorstep in no time, so you can be prepared for any occasion that comes your way.

Fashion lenses are safe, easy to use and comfortable for all day wear. All of these aqua contact lenses are non-prescription, so they will not alter your view!