Blind Contact Lenses


Blind Contact Lenses


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Time to get into character! Blind contact lenses are specifically designed to bring an elaborate theatrical element to a Halloween Costume, Cosplay outfit or role play event. Creating the illusion of sensory deprivation, these opaque lenses are a wicked special effect tool for a wide variety of horror characters like zombies, ghosts, demons or any other sinister creature.

Full coverage lenses will completely mask your entire eye to give a shocking no pupil look. The intense look that whiteout lenses provide will make your Halloween costume the talk of the evening. The coolest part? Even though it looks like you cannot see, these non prescription contacts are cleverly designed to not affect your vision.

Have a cosplay event to attend? A full eye black sclera lens will inflict terror on the room. Insanely creepy, blind contact lenses are the ultimate finishing touch to bring your costume to a professional level.

Blind Eye Contact Lenses

Perhaps you are a trendsetter and crave unique and edgy alterations to your appearance. We sells a wide range of blackout lenses that are cool enough to bring that wow factor to an everyday outfit. Pair these with a fancy dress to achieve a mysterious, paranormal look that will be spellbinding. No one will be able to guess what thoughts are going through your mind!

Bored with just black and white? Add some colour into your blind look. A blue, green or grey blind fashion contact completely covers your iris and no pupil is visible which gives a cool, blanked out stare. A great accessory to rock at a rave, musical festival or street party. Best of all, these Eyefusion lenses are single use wear, so you can just throw away when your night is done!

In love with that whiteout gaze? We got you covered with reusable lenses that will last up to 90-Days! With long lasting wear options also available in red and black that checked out look will be ready to spring into action anytime that you are! No need to have to hold off waiting for the next cosplay event or months longing for next year's Halloween!

Best Brands and Low Prices

Our coloured contacts come with a super quick delivery service because they know you are just dying to try out their range of blind contact lenses! They carry the most diverse selection of blackout, whiteout and blind style fashion contacts you will ever find. They hand select only the leading, most reputable brands in the cosmetic fashion lens industry, such as Eyefusion. You want the best bang for your buck, and they are happy to provide you the ultimate quality at super affordable prices! You can always rest assured that you are receiving a high end, safety-tested product each and every time you order.

So get your creepy imagination churning and start dreaming of the perfect ghoulish getup. With our sclera, whiteout or cool checked out colour lenses, you will be terrorizing the neighbourhood and winning top prize at your next Halloween party.