Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses


Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses


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Getting Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses can be a hassle for a lot of people, especially if you’re looking for high quality. The folks at Coloured Contacts have a growing selection of prescription coloured contact lenses that you can use to improve a fancy dress costume or just change your eye colour. For those who need to correct their vision, these prescription lenses are the best way to have the best of both worlds. All you need is your latest prescription information from your optician and you can get your hands on a pair of lenses that will help you to see while also looking stunning.

With a third of people in Europe and America dealing with Myopia and requiring glasses or lenses to see correctly, Coloured Contacts understand that you also want the opportunity to change your eye colour without having to compromise on vision. That is why they are always adding new designs so you have more choice when purchasing prescription colored contacts. Other sites may sell you coloured contact lenses, but really they’re just tinted contact lenses that will look nice until you put them in your eyes and discover that your eye colour is visible underneath. Coloured Contacts make sure their prescription coloured contact lenses are made with high quality pigment. This means that you will have opaque contact lenses that are completely unaffected by eye colour, even if you need prescription coloured contact lenses for dark eyes

For those who are tempted to try out a pair of coloured contact lenses, there are many different designs to suit your needs. When most people think about prescription coloured contact lenses Halloween is the primary reason to change up their eye colour. There are a lot of novelty lenses that will suit your Halloween costume. There are also more reasons to use coloured contacts. For Cosplayers, the idea of prescription coloured contact lenses should be a dream. Many Cosplay costumes require a novelty contact lens design to suit the character but with non prescription contact lenses the choices for Cosplay are either to not wear coloured contacts in favour of lenses to see, to wear glasses on top of coloured contacts even if the character doesn’t have glasses, or to just deal with blurry vision. Now Cosplayers can have completely accurate looking costumes while being able to clearly see their way around the convention centre. You can also wear these lenses as an alternative to your eye colour on an everyday basis.

So if you’re looking for a pair of coloured prescription contact lenses then you may feel spoiled for choice. Check out some of these popular options that will suit in a variety of different situations.

Get Colourful When Buying Prescription Contact Lenses UK.

  • Blue Contact Lenses – Whether you’re looking for a natural eye look or just want something noticeable for your next costume, the blue section has something for you. The Blue Mystic Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses and Blue Sapphire One Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses are great choices for a natural eye look that will turn you into a blue eyed lady or gentleman. These are great to use as daily coloured contact lenses for a fashionable look while you’re out and about with loved ones. Or if you’re looking for novelty, then the Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses will definitely suit an animalistic monster style Halloween costume. These cat eye contacts are very popular, so you can look for more colour options.
  • White Contact Lenses – The white contacts are more novelty centric so you can make a terrifying demon fancy dress costume, or an evil vampire or zombie. The White Manson Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses are a great addition to any costume. This is also a cool look for those who love Gothic fashion as they can mimic their favourite musician with these lenses. Other options like the White Mesh Halloween Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses are available to make your eyes look like they’re almost entirely white. The mesh lines are a great novelty style that will look very disturbing in a spooky costume.
  • Grey Contact Lenses – Many people are enjoying the different look that comes with a grey eye colour. The Grey One Tone and Two Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses are two great natural eye effects that will make it look like you have a super rare eye colour. Or go one step further and get the Silver Glimmer Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses and add a glittery sparkle to your new eye colour. Any of the grey options are great so be sure to check them out.
When it comes to buying coloured contacts, there are many different places who will sell low quality lenses that can potentially cause serious injury to your eyes. That is why Coloured Contacts have made sure that all of these lenses are completely safe by having them tested and approved by the FDA. That means you can rest assured that all of contacts are safe and comfortable to wear. Now you no longer have to wonder "can you get coloured contacts for prescription?” Coloured Contacts are proud to be able to provide you with the coloured contact lenses that you want without having to compromise with your vision.

The whole process is extremely easy. So if you’re looking to order contact lenses online all you have to do is look through this selection of lenses and once you’ve decided on the perfect pair, just select the Dioptre power that you can find on your optical prescription. Then they will ship your contact lenses direct to your door so it’s even easier for you to complete your Halloween costume, Cosplay or fashion style. Whether you’re local and looking to buy colour contact lenses UK or international, Coloured Contacts ship to a whole host of different places in Europe and the U.S. 

Before you’re finished buying some lenses, make sure you grab some Contact Lens Solution and a contact lens case so you can keep your contacts safe and clean during the lenses duration. Many of these lenses last for 90 days, or 1 year so you can clean and reuse them every day.