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Dr Martens Sandals

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Dr Martens Clarissa Quad Sandals (White)
Dr Martens Clarissa Quad Sandals (White)
Dr Martens Voss II Quad Platform Sandals (Black)
Dr Martens Voss II Quad Platform Sandals (Black)
Dr Martens Voss II Quad Platform Sandals (White)
Dr Martens Voss II Quad Platform Sandals (White)
Dr Martens Silver Tumble Platform Sandals (Silver)
Dr Martens Silver Tumble Platform Sandals (Silver)
Dr Martens Blaire Pisa Sandals (Lilac)
Dr Martens Blaire Pisa Sandals (Lilac)
Dr Martens Voss Hydro Sandals (Black)
Dr Martens Voss Hydro Sandals (Black)

Dr Martens sandals are a summertime essential for a range of aesthetics including Gothic, alternative, punk, and grunge. The timeless style of DMs makes them the perfect choice for pairing with every summer outfit option from dresses to shorts. Unlike most styles of sandals, Docs encourages you to step out in socks and sandals to express your individuality and enjoy your Docs sandals in colder weather too.

Just like their boots, the Dr Martens sandal is available in a range of designs including Blaire, Voss, and Clarissa. Here are the differences between the types of Dr Martens sandals:

  • Dr Martens Sandals Blaire: The Dr Martens Blaire design features a gladiator-style aesthetic, with three straps across the foot and one ankle strap that has a buckle. This iconic design is available in a range of colours and designs.
  • Dr Martens Sandals Clarissa: The Clarissa sandal design is similar to Blaire with three foot straps and one ankle strap. The straps are thicker in width for a chunky look and are paired with a smooth DMs sole.
  • Dr Martens Voss: The Voss sandal has a gorgeous crossover strap or thick strap across the toes with a low ankle strap and buckle. This awesome range has had some of DMs most edgy styles including fluffy Voss sandals.
  • Dr Martens Voss Quad: Any Dr Martens footwear with Quad in the title is a platform shoe. This chunky aesthetic ties in with so many iconic fashion looks including Gothic, e-girl, and 90s.

There are several other types of Dr Martens sandals, each with its own arrangement of straps to create unique styles but the most popular designs remain Voss and Blaire.

To shop Dr Martens sandals UK browse the Blue Banana range for shipping from within the UK, allowing you to find fast and cheap options to get your dream pair of Docs to your door. Whether you are shopping for a birthday gift or you are ready to break in your next pair of Dr Martens Voss Sandals, our collection of Docs is ready any season of the year.

Dr Martens style is all about thinking outside of the box when it comes to fashion choices so the Dr Martens sandals ladies can be worn with a wide-legged pair of trousers for a 90s inspired-look or casual cut-off trousers for a boho style.

Of course, you may be saving your Dr Martens sandals women’s designs for summer while your DMs boots take a break for the season. In this case, a gorgeous summer dress in any style including rockabilly and gothic is the perfect way to bring together your outfit. Have fun with your nail colour to contrast with your black DMs or match your shoes to your colour palette with a pair of DMs in pink or silver.

Many of the classic designs are also available in white for that fresh summer aesthetic and can be kept looking shiny and new with a quick wipe using a damp cloth.

At Blue Banana, we love to bring you the latest DMs trends but we also have a Dr Martens sandals sale when the time comes to move on to the next season of designs. The Dr Martens sandals women’s sale may only have limited sizes available so make sure to bag your dream pair before it sells out.

Don’t get put into a box! Dr Martens and Blue Banana encourage you to express your own style with Dr Martens sandals men’s. Find your perfect aesthetic and try out sandals to keep your feet happy and stylish through the summer. Whatever you are pairing your sandals with, the iconic look of DMs shines through with yellow stitching, chunky sole, and sleek designs; these Dr Martens sandals mens are like no other!

As timeless as their boots, Dr Martens sandals are made to last. The soft leather can be broken in quickly and worn throughout the summer. For ultimate comfort that is not usually found in sandals, the cushioned EVA or rubber sole allows for a spongy feeling beneath your feet, perfect for long summer strolls. Take your time to break these shoes in and be rewarded with season after season of wear. This iconic aesthetic is here to stay, unlike other passing summer fashion trends.

Just like their 1460s, the Dr Martens sandals are made using Goodyear-welted construction which means the upper and sole are heat-sealed and sewn together. This high quality construction is not often found with sandals but DMs is ready to change that by bringing their decades-old durability formula to their latest sandals.

The leather material is designed to stand up to the test of wear and tear but make sure to keep it clean in between use to keep your shoes looking new and smelling fresh. It is designed to soften over time to shape to your foot for the best comfort from your leather sandals.

Styling Dr Martens sandals is so much fun since there is no right or wrong way to dress them up! The whole point of this iconic design is that it pairs with everything. If you are going on holiday you can forget about choosing which pair of sandals to take with you – you will only need your DMs to take you on your next adventure! Dr Martens remain hugely popular and their sandals designs are quickly becoming summer essentials.