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Alchemy Rocks Merchandise

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Alchemy Rocks Iron Maiden Eddie Head Stud Earrings (Pewter)
Alchemy Rocks Iron Maiden Eddie Head Stud Earrings (Pewter)
Alchemy Rocks David Bowie Flash Stud Earrings (Pewter)
Alchemy Rocks David Bowie Flash Stud Earrings (Pewter)
Alchemy Rocks Motorhead Warpig Stud Earrings (Pewter)
Alchemy Rocks Motorhead Warpig Stud Earrings (Pewter)

Alchemy Rocks is a range of Alchemy Gothic jewellery that has been created in collaboration with various bands. This officially licensed band merch is a new way to add to the fan collection of your favourite band. Including merchandise from bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bowie to name a few this Alchemy Gothic range is here to help you add something unusual to your collection or is perfect for giving as a gift.

The benefit of giving Alchemy Rocks jewellery as a gift over something like a band tee is that you know it will fit and it is also less likely to be something that they already own! The range of necklaces, earring studs, and pin badges are sure to be an unusual addition to anyone’s band merch hoard.

Alchemy Rocks was first established 40 years ago (in 1977) under a different name, ‘Poker’. This was owned by Alchemy and did exactly the same as Alchemy Rocks – produced officially licensed band merch through a commission from the bands. 40 years later and the Alchemy Gothic jewelry range has brought back Alchemy’s official band merch under the new name Alchemy Rocks. The necklaces and pin badges were part of their original concept but in recent years Alchemy has added an incredible range of high-quality ear studs to the collection.

Alchemy Rocks Necklaces

The Alchemy Gothic necklaces in the Alchemy Rocks range are hung on waxed cords or chains which are adjustable in length. The pendant itself is made from pewter and finished with an awesome antiquated metallic tone. This durable material will ensure your band merch will stay ready to wear whether you like to wear it on the daily or save your necklace for going to gigs. These Alchemy Gothic pendants are the perfect way to show off your love of your favourite band as they are small and subtle but are sure to have people asking where you got your necklace from. The best part is they won’t fade as a band tee does so you won’t need to keep investing in replacement band merch.

The Alchemy necklaces come in a range of designs. Some band designs feature logos or symbols of the band such as the circular pendants for AC/DC and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Alternatively, you can try out an Alchemy Gothic cross with the Metallica Master Of Puppets design. These detailed pendants are of high quality and hand-finished so you can enjoy an awesome design based on your favourite band, available in the Alchemy Gothic UK collection.

Alchemy Rocks Earrings

The Alchemy jewellery also includes earrings that are made from pewter but have a standard surgical steel stud post for your lobe piercing. You won’t need to worry about keeping your piercing healthy thanks to the durable and corrosion-resistant qualities of surgical steel plus you can enjoy a cool earring design featuring a band you adore. These earring studs are officially licensed band merch and include iconic symbols such as the Slayer eagle and Bowie lightning bolts. These band merch earrings can be worn every day or can be paired with Gothic jewellery from the rest of the Alchemy Rocks range for a true super-fan look. They are easy to clean and maintain leaving you to enjoy your gig or festival.

Alchemy Rocks Pin Badges

One of the most diverse pieces in the Alchemy Rocks range is the pin badges. These fun collectibles are a totally old school way to celebrate a band you love. Pin them to your backpack, denim vest, clothing, belt – the possibilities are endless. Each pin badge features two posts so you can be sure that is will be securely attached to whatever you decide on pinning it to. The double-clutch pin fastening is perfect for holding your badge in place as it needs to be squeezed on each side to be removed.

The pewter material already has a wicked weathered effect thanks to the antique finish so you don’t have to worry about it looking worn if you want to place your Alchemy Rocks pin badge on your backpack. The durable pewter is sure to stand up to the daily wear.

Want to see more from Alchemy Gothic? Check out our Alchemy store for the full range of jewellery, homeware, and more! With hand-finished ornaments, necklaces, bracelets, and trinkets you are sure to find a style you love. Alchemy England has got it covered when it comes to Gothic, fantasy, and steampunk designs.