Violet Contact Lenses


Violet Contact Lenses


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Make your eyes the focus with our range of violet contact lenses. Perfect for a bold, confident look, with styles ranging from natural light colours through to dark purple, and with plenty of patterns for the even more adventurous to choose from along the way.

Cosmetic contacts are a cheap and easy way to add some flair to any outfit, and violet is the ideal colour for anyone wanting something a little out of the ordinary. Whether you’re into cosplay, you want something special for Halloween or maybe it’s just time to switch it up, this one small detail speaks volumes on top of any costume or outfit.

Vivid Violet Lenses For Vampish Eyes

Hassle free, dazzle heavy looks available now with violet contact lenses.Unlike natural ‘violet’ eyes - which are actually a very dark blue- you won’t need lighting, makeup and a crew load of camera jiggery-pokery to achieve your new look.

Instead you’ll have instant, beautiful, richly colored violet eyes - the perfect match for fair skin - in a huge variety of shades and patterns to best suit your style. These high quality lenses are richly coloured for perfect coverage, meaning they’re great even for dark eyes.

While we’re on the subject, if bright violet eyes are your thing, then you might not want to stop at colours; as well as natural single, tri and 2 tones lenses for simple elegant style Blue Banana has a range of patterned lenses perfect for party animals.

Choose from Flower, Witch or Lizard patterns to name a few, or really take it to the next level with UV lenses that will blow people away at your next rave. Forget trawling through the high street for the same old gear that everyone sees, get these unusual accessories quickly and simply by ordering online today.

Amazing Quality, Unbeatable Value

Whether you want to paint the town purple for just one night or keep it that way, coloured contacts offers different types of lenses to suit any budget and need. The single use disposable lenses give you the freedom to slip into another persona for the day and bin them the next, while the 90 day reusable lenses can keep up the illusion for the whole party season before you move onto the next. However, if you’re lucky enough to need them all year round then you get great value with 1 year reusable lenses, just don’t forget your real colour!

All of our high quality violet contact lenses offer great colour and coverage as well as being safe and easy to use. What’s more these are non-prescription, meaning that if you don’t need corrective lenses, you can wear them without affecting your vision, great for being able to see where you’re going. Just remember, even though they’re non-prescription you still need to get those eyes checked out by an optician before you get ordering, to make sure you eyes are suitable for lenses.