Hazel Contact Lenses


Hazel Contact Lenses


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Hone in on heavenly hazel with this stunning range of hazel contact lenses! There’s just something captivating about hazel; that intoxicating mix between light brown and green. The hazel colour lens option provides an appealing and striking change to your usual look, while still appearing completely natural. It’s an elegant, sophisticated and attractive option with a slight sense of dramatic flair. Let your eyes smoulder with your green hazel gaze!

Hazel contact lenses are designed for eyes of all different colours, and work just as well for dark eyes. They look awesome on all skin tones, and are great for fair skin as well as for dark skin. All of these hazel contact lenses shades are specially formulated with such luxurious pigment that they have the same effect on brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, and every other colour of the rainbow! So, we invite you to take a virtual scroll through these heavenly hazel hues!

These cosmetic lenses are wonderful for everyday wear or just as a pair of "going out” lenses. Unveil your amazing new look in time for special occasions such as Halloween, New Years Eve, normal parties, and fancy-dress parties. A pair of tawny eyes will even work well for dressing up as a vampire, werewolf or witch, etc! The cult classic of the Twilight movies has seen immense fascination with vampires and werewolves lately. We regularly see Gothic and Emo culture influence our society too. Fans of Cosplay conventions (stylish culture of "costume play”) will definitely enjoy switching up their look. Modern popular culture and society is obsessed with fictional character heroes and heroines, and cartoons. Anime and manga never fall out of fashion either. So, why not get a slice of the action by donning a pair of hazel-eye fashion accessories?!

Heavenly Hazel Contact Lenses


Coloured contact lenses can flatter your peepers by offering an eye-catching variety of styles, designs and colours! Whether you're searching for a pair of disposable hazel lenses for a temporary new look or you're in the market for a pair of reusable hazel contacts, you can be sure to find your ideal pair when you shop coloured contacts. Plus, with dozens of stunning colour lens options available, you can truly pick your perfect pair.

You don’t require a prescription to wear these lenses. Our coloured contacts section provides a wide range of non prescription, fashion, cosmetic and novelty contact lenses that anyone can wear. These lenses are also affordable, and this will make your wallet very proud of you! 

Get a New Look in the Blink of an Eye!

We also offer fast delivery options. Customers residing in the UK also get the luxury benefit of a next day delivery option, which is particularly helpful if you need a pair of lenses urgently for a party or event. 

We know that contacts must not only fulfill their aesthetic duties, but they must be really comfortable, safe and easy to wear as well! This is why the contacts are produced using only high quality materials. All of these cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed case with eye-protection solution, keeping them in supreme condition until you’re ready to pop those honeys in! Always remember to visit your optician or optometrist before purchasing contact lenses.