Mesh & Screen Contact Lenses


Mesh & Screen Contact Lenses


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Want to try out a bold look? Fancy something with a futuristic edge? Then look no further than mesh and screen contact lenses! These robotic lenses are an eye-catching and cheap way to finish off any outfit and totally transform your style. Whether you want to upgrade a cosplay outfit or simply achieve a head-turning look for your next night out, you are sure to find your perfect lenses!

Do you want to be the centre of attention by creating a mind blowing outfit to make your friends envy you?  With everything you need to create a steely, mechanical stare, why not go ahead and browse this collection of mesh and screen contact lenses and find yourself the perfect pair to go with your outfit. Whether you opt for some robotic red mesh lenses, or the android white screen lenses, you can be sure that your peepers will be the centre of attention. 

Mesh & Screen Contacts: Get The Spine-Chilling Spooky Eyes and Grab Everyone’s Attention! 

Perfect for Halloween, Cosplay and fancy dress events, mesh and screen lenses are a sure fire way to create a head turning look. Whether you wear these lenses as a pair or mix and match with a pair of natural, black or white lenses to create a freaky juxtaposition, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd! Stuck for costume ideas? Why not check out our favourite ideas for size?
  • Emulate the legendary T-1000 from the iconic '90s science fiction film Terminator 2: Judgement Day with a pair of red lenses.
  • Wear a black lens in one eye and a white mesh lens in the other for an unsettlingly inhuman appearance. 
  • Put a twist on a kitschy '50s inspired costume by accessorising with a pair of red screen lenses to create a Stepford Wives inspired look!
So, if you’re looking to bring a totally head-turning look to the party, or if you fancy bringing something different and ultra-cool to your next night out with friends, you can rely on mesh and screen contacts to do the trick. Whether you want that robotic red, android white, or a stunning glow in the dark look, check out this collection! Grab yourself a pair and 'level up' your gaze! No matter what occasion you wear them for, mesh and screen contacts will light up your gaze and give you that extra flare you’ve always wanted.

Worried about compromising comfort for style? That's simply not the case with these carefully selected lenses! The products have been manufactured in accordance to ISO guidelines and have been approved by the FDA. Searching for lenses that are suitable for dark eyes? Then look no further! These contacts feature richly pigmented colours that will totally transform your eyes, no matter how dark your eye colour is. 

Unbeatable Quality, Amazing Prices

Whether you’re going for the robotic red mesh contacts or the glow in the dark white screen lenses, you can purchase with complete confidence, knowing that you’re getting high quality lenses, sourced from the best brands in the UK. So when you’re grabbing a pair of contact lenses, you can be confident that you’re buying the best of the best!