Novelty Contact Lenses


Novelty Contact Lenses


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Novelty eye contacts are unique, fun, inspiring and jaw dropping. With so many interesting designs and creative ways to use novelty contact lenses, it is easy to see why they have become so popular. Our customers are using them for Halloween parties, professional photoshoots, everyday use, festivals and more.

Most of our novelty contact durations range from 1 day use to 90 day, but we also stock a small range of 1 year lenses. With styles ranging from our creepy and vibrant reptile lenses to our natural tri-tone multi coloured lenses, novelty looks are in.

Why use Novelty Lenses? 

Novelty literally means, "the quality of being new, original, or unusual.” If you are a person who loves to be original, then the novelty contacts featured on our site are exactly what you need.

Every one of our unique contacts can make your look stand out. You can create amazing Halloween looks such as the edgy vampire, dead demons, white walkers, zombies, werewolves, clowns and more. 

For photoshoots you can use novelty contacts to recreate animals such as cats, lizards and snakes, or explore fantasy styles with mystical characters such as dragons and fairies. Movie producers, makeup artists and actors use novelty eye contacts to help their eyes stand out on screen. Have you ever seen eyes like Twilight’s Bella in real life? Those blood thirsty red eyes are produced with only the best of novelty eye contact lenses.

How to get Started with Novelty Contact Lenses

Novelty lenses with or without a prescription can be utilized just like regular contacts. Simply get an eye exam to see if you will need a prescription and to ensure that your eyes will be compatible with any type of eye contacts. If you require corrective lenses then simply browse our novelty prescription contact lenses for clear vision and a great design. 

While caring for your novelty eye contacts, it is important to utilize new contact solution every time you put the lenses in their storage case. This prevents bacteria from growing in old solution. If a novelty lens case is what you are after, you are going to love what we have in stock. Here are a few of our cutest cases for your crazy lenses:
  • Coloured Contacts Cupcake Lens Case (Dark Pink) - Offering cute cupcakes with vanilla frosting, sprinkle and a cherry on top, who wouldn’t want to use these adorable cupcakes everyday. Please note, styles and designs of our novelty lens cases are subject to change. 
  • Coloured Contacts Fish Lens Case- This adorable under the sea inspired contact lens case features a starfish adorned with flowers on the left side and a cute fish on the right. Made for teens and adults, these cases are the epitome of novelty!

Which Novelty Eye Contacts fit Your Personality? 

We offer a wide variety of contact lenses and novelty related accessories. Whether you are looking for Halloween contact lenses for your next party or are headed out to a big game, we have got you covered.

Our favourite novelty lenses include the flag contact lenses. With everything ranging from red and white English flags, to the flags of Spain or Italy, you could embrace this new way to show support of your favourite team.

Perhaps colourful flags are not your type of novelty lens, consider checking out our other unique lenses that we have to offer, they make great movie and photo props, and the ultimate party accessory that will help make you stand out in a crowd. We have black and white coloured tribal lenses, 8 ball lenses in black and white, barcode contacts and even novelty eye contacts that look like a clock (Tick Tock Lenses).

Get Crazy Lenses for Affordable Prices 

High quality novelty coloured contacts and novelty accessories should not break the bank. Our contact lens products are always unique, super colourful, affordable and FDA approved.

After you have received your one of a kind novelty lenses, we would love to see how you style them! Whether it is for a photoshoot, out to a birthday or Halloween party, or to a game of your favourite football team, we would love to see your costume idea! We love to see all of the creative ways to style our decorative contact lenses.

As you can see there are many types of novelty contact lenses for all kinds of occasions so why not take a look at your calendar to see what you have planned. We bet your outfit could look even better with a pair of unusual contact lenses!