Natural Contact Lenses


Natural Contact Lenses


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Have you ever wondered what you'd look like with a gorgeous green gaze or natural blue peepers? Then why not experiment with natural contact lenses to discover a whole new you! Unlike some brands, Blue Banana's natural look lenses are jam packed with vivid colour pigments so that your original eye colour can be completely concealed and transformed in the blink of an eye. This makes them perfect for dark eyesfor brown eyes, light eyes and every hue in between!

Natural lenses are perfect for changing the tone of your eyes, allowing you to switch up your look and try out something fresh and completely new that complements your style and personality. If you simply want to add an extra bit of pep to your natural colour, why not enhance your stare with a pair of lenses that'll enhance the tone of your god given colour? We have a wealth of different styles, designs, and durations of wear, including some of the most natural coloured contacts in the UK.

Natural Contacts: Enhance Your Iris or Go Bold And Transform Your Gaze! 

Natural contact lenses are perfect for any occasion, from brightening up your gaze to complementing your personality. Whether you’re looking to just subtly enhance the natural colour of your gaze with realistic looking grey or blue contacts, or you're seeking a bolder shade with some violet or green solid colour eye lenses, there's sure to be a reusable pair of contact lenses for you! With 30 day90 day and 1 year varieties available, you can flaunt your fresh new look as often as you like! If you're looking for something a little more commitment free, check out the great range of 1 daydisposable contacts that'll transform your stare in an instant. Whatever duration you opt for, you can be sure to get the same highly pigmented finish and superior level of quality

You won't have to compromise on comfort when you buy natural look contacts from Blue Banana! Each pair of lenses is made from high quality, soft and breathable materials to ensure for maximum wear comfort. What's more, the lenses are all manufactured under ISO guidelines and have been approved by the FDA, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing you're buying a safe and genuine product.

If you don’t fancy wearing these gaze-enhancing contacts every day, there are still plenty of perfect occasions for you to show off your shiny new look. If you're dressing up as a character from your favourite film, book or TV show for Halloween or a Cosplay event, then accessorise your ensemble with the right pair of lenses to complete your outfit in style! 

Massive Collection of Iris-Transforming Contacts at Affordable Prices! 

Whether you’re going for a pair of contacts that will enhance your natural eye colour, or a pair of bolder lenses that'll bring out the wild side in you, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting contacts that are of the highest quality and totally safe to use. So when you grab your perfect pair of realisticnatural look contact lenses, you can be confident that you’re only getting the best!