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Official Stranger Things Demogorgon T-Shirt (Black)
Official Stranger Things Demogorgon T-Shirt (Black)
Do you love Stranger Things? Well, then you’re sure to love our collection of merchandise from Netflix’s Stranger Things TV show! At Blue Banana, we’re stocked with some of the coolest clothing and accessories from this awesome series. If you’ve watched Stranger Things Season 4, then you’re bound to recognise our range of Hellfire Club clothing. Complete with the iconic devil logo and plenty of Dungeons & Dragons references, we know you’ll enjoy this section. 

What Is Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a popular Netflix show featuring a group of young friends who take a gifted young girl under their wing and battle the mysterious creatures that wreak havoc in their town of Hawkins. Full of fantasy, action and relatable characters, this 80s-style TV show has become a big hit. You’ll love Stranger Things if you’re a fan of:
  • Horror Movies
  • Sci-Fi TV Shows
  • Fantasy & Supernatural
  • Mystery Storylines
Stranger Things merchandise fits right at home in our popular culture section. Complete with clothing and accessories, our Stranger Things merch makes for a super cool collection. Whether you’re after a Hellfire Club t-shirt or you’re looking for an outfit to show off your love for the Stranger Things series then our merch section is the place to be. This action-packed show has a touch of gothic flare which is perfect for our Blue Banana shoppers! If your hero is outcast Eddie Munson, then why not rep the Hellfire Club Merchandise and feel like part of the exclusive D&D club too? 

Our Stranger Things designs include:
  • Stranger Things Characters: There are so many amazing characters in the series, who wouldn’t want a design of them on their t-shirt? You could even cosplay as one of the characters with our Hellfire Club tops.
  • Hellfire Club Merchandise: This design is pretty epic and there are so many styles of Stranger Things fashion to choose from. Be your very own Eddie Munson with Hellfire Club merch!
  • Stranger Things Monster: Stranger Things wouldn’t be complete without the terrifying Demogorgons! Check out the designs with these terrifying creatures.
No matter the season, we sock plenty of Stranger Things fashion to complete your wardrobe. Choose from dresses, leggings and tops as well as beanies and denim jackets in this dedicated section of Stranger Things merchandise. 

If you’re a fan of the knit jumpers in our Stranger Things section then why not check out our Pop Culture range with warm hoodies and sweaters? Available in Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Child’s Play and Corpse Bride designs. Perfect for Halloween, Christmas or even all year round! 

With Netflix bringing out some of the best TV shows around, merchandise is becoming increasingly popular in today's fashion. Our TV merchandise can be easily styled to create a casual outfit. Pair our Stranger Things t-shirts with some skinny jeans or a denim skirt for a simple yet classic look. Why not grab a Stranger Things knit jumper or jacket to wear in the winter months too? It’s so easy to incorporate Stranger Things merch into your everyday look; head over to our Instagram to see how our customers are wearing their Hellfire Club merch

If you’re looking to create an outfit based on your favourite character then we have some ideas for you! Whether you’re wanting to cosplay or just draw inspiration from the characters there is plenty you can do to look the part. Pair your Hellfire Club merch with a pair of jeans and converse to recreate Mike Wheeler’s casual look or opt for a more funky appearance and pair your Hellfire Club Top with a colourful print shirt to give your outfit a Dustin Henderson feel. You can even mirror fan-favourite Eddie Munson and add a leather or denim jacket to your ensemble. 

Merchandise at Blue Banana

Our merchandise at Blue Banana isn’t limited to cool TV series, we also stock movie merchandise such as Nightmare Before Christmas and horror classics like Beetlejuice, as well as merchandise from your favourite bands. If you want to showcase your love of scary movies or you are looking for band merch for your next metal gig, be sure to shop with Blue Banana. If watching Stranger Things season 4 has reignited your love of Metallica then why not shop our Metallica merchandise? Our Master of Puppets merchandise from Metallica goes hand in hand with our Stranger Things clothing since that epic scene in the Upside Down featuring Eddie Munson’s Master of Puppets guitar solo. Forever ingrained in our memory, why not shop our Metallica accessories to pair with your Stranger Things clothes?

With an impressive range of t-shirts, hoodies and ornaments, our merchandise has so much variety. If you’re after TV show merchandise then be sure to check out our Sci-Fi and Anime sections too for a great range of clothing, gifts and accessories based on your favourite television shows. 

Be sure to grab some merch ready to watch the Stranger Things season

Stranger Things Gifts for Goths

If you are searching for the perfect gift for your favourite cinephile, then our popular merch would make a great Stranger Things gift! Ideal for stocking fillers or birthday gifts, our accessories and clothing will go down a treat. Our other gifts also include the likes of the Occult Cuties range featuring mysterious black cats and adorable Baphomet creatures. You can even find spooky skull ornaments from Nemesis Now and Alchemy Gothic to give to your gothic friends or loved ones. Horror lovers and pop culture fanatics are sure to find something they love in our gift section.