Crazy Lens Range


Crazy Lens Range


There are currently no items in this range. Check back soon for new products.

We all need a bit of craziness in our lives sometimes, and our crazy lens range aims to give you your fix. Whether you’re looking for something short term to add that extra spice to a certain event, or want something long term to completely redevelop your look, we’ve totally got you covered.

Their extensive selection of crazy contacts is certain to scratch that itch of yours. They are proud to offer high quality pairs of lenses that are also cheap and affordable, ensuring that you can get the look you’re after without breaking the bank. No more trawling Amazon or eBay for the perfect colour or design, as we’ve collected every weird and wonderful contact lens you’ll ever need into one place!

A Crazy Amount of Designs

We realise that people need contact lenses for a variety of occasions, are our range reflects that. If you just want to add a bit of pizzazz to your Halloween costume, or want make your cosplay outfit really pop, then we’ve got just what you need. From blood red lenses to spooky all white ones, our contacts will make sure your outfit is going to make a big impression. Making sure our lenses are as freaky and fun as possible is very important to us, and this really shows in our range, which includes:
  • Solid colour lenses
  • Animal eye lenses
  • Sclera lenses
So whatever type of crazy contacts you’re hunting for, they've got you covered! And the selection doesn’t end there – our freakiness really knows no bounds! Their website also has a range of creepy monster eyes – take your pick from vampire, demon, zombie and many others – and a choice of unique UV reactive lenses. These VIP lenses will give you an incredible glow-in-the-dark look that is sure to make all your friends jealous. They are perfect for night time events, such as raves.

Their impressive choice of novelty lenses are not just for special occasions though, and they can help you create a great everyday look. Then again, where’s the fun in being normal? Go 100% feline with cat’s eye contacts and let out your real self! Or become a monster for the day with zombie contact lenses. Blue Banana's website’s selection of special effect lenses are suitable for any situation you choose, with them ranging from over the top and funky and to somewhat subdued. The only thing they have in common is that they’re all super crazy!

Look Good, Feel Good

You’ll be happy to know that their range of fashion lenses are prescription free and completely FDA approved. It is important that all contacts are safe and comfortable, so you can feel confident in purchasing from them. Also, their lenses have rich color pigments, being sourced from reputable brands and being made of high quality materials... So don’t worry about having to compromise on quality for comfort. Whether you’re new to coloured contact lenses or a veteran, they're committed to making your experience a positive one. Get your crazy on today!