New Rock Ankle Boots

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Shoe (1)
Boot (6)
Heel Type
High Heel (3)
Platform (3)
Flat (2)
Footwear Type
Ankle Boot (2)
Platform Shoe (1)
Platform Boot (2)
High Heels (3)
Black (7)
Orange (1)
White (1)
Shoe Size
UK 3.5-4.0 (EU36) (4)
UK 4.0-4.5 (EU37) (4)
UK 5.0-5.5 (EU38) (4)
UK 6.0-6.5 (EU39) (5)
UK 6.5-7.0 (EU40) (6)
UK 7.0-7.5 (EU41) (5)
UK 7.5-8.0 (EU42) (3)
UK 8.0-8.5 (EU43) (4)
UK 9.5-10.0 (EU44) (2)
UK 10.5-11.0 (EU45) (1)
UK 11.0-11.5 (EU46) (3)
UK 12.0-12.5 (EU47) (2)
Vegan Friendly
Yes (3)
No (1)
New Rock Collection
Trail (3)
Mili (3)
Reactor (1)
Tower (1)
Footwear Features
Floral Print (1)
Metallic Heel (2)
Metallic Accents (1)
Flames (1)
Buckles (3)
Chunky Platform (3)
Branded Shoe Pull (3)

New Rock Ankle Boots

8 products found.
New Rock M-NEWMILI083-VS2 Vegan Military Boots (Black)
New Rock M-NEWMILI083-VS2 Vegan Military Boots (Black)
New Rock M-TR001-VS56 Vegan Heeled Boots (Black)
New Rock M-TR001-VS56 Vegan Heeled Boots (Black)
New Rock M-TR003-VS1 Vegan Heeled Boots (Black)
New Rock M-TR003-VS1 Vegan Heeled Boots (Black)
New Rock M-106-VS1 Vegan Ankle Boots (Black)
New Rock M-106-VS1 Vegan Ankle Boots (Black)
New Rock M-NEWMILI083-VS1 Vegan Military Boots (Black)
New Rock M-NEWMILI083-VS1 Vegan Military Boots (Black)
New Rock M.288-S1 Reactor Flame Ankle Boots (Black/Orange)
New Rock M.288-S1 Reactor Flame Ankle Boots (Black/Orange)
New Rock TR003X-S3 Trail Heeled Core Boot (Black)
New Rock TR003X-S3 Trail Heeled Core Boot (Black)
New Rock Metallic M.MILI083C-C7 Boots (White)
New Rock Metallic M.MILI083C-C7 Boots (White)
New Rock has become one of the most iconic footwear brands for gothic and alternative fashion. Whether you are into punk styles, biker looks or gothic influences we are sure you have heard of New Rock Ankle Boots. We bet you either already own a pair of have them on your wishlist. 

New Rock Ankle Boots Types

There are several different variations of the ankle boot, according to which collection they are from. The New Rock boots Reactor have the same slick black design and chunky rubber sole you love but with a shorter boot and lace up fastening. This is a lighter alternative for warmer weather without compromising on that classic New Rock style. If you love to show off your gothic fashion style all year round then this is the best range to help you embrace your style during warmer weather. The New Rock Reactor boots are one of the most iconic collections from this footwear brand. Featuring everything from flame designs to skull detailing, these are a must have for alt guys and gals.

In contrast the snakeskin ankle boots take their shape from the western and wild styles. Many of the boots in this collection feature a two tone style, with snakeskin design to the toe and crossover straps at the heel. The brown and white New Rock boots are a perfect example of the two tone effect. These contrasting colours are paired together to create an eye-catching statement piece. These come in a variety of colours including brown New Rock boots so if you want to switch up your style from the classic black monotone boots then these could be the perfect option. They still feature the New Rock branding and metallic silver heel so you can wear this brand with pride. 

This lighter style of New Rock ankle boots features a slimmer shape for a clean line. If you would like a plain boot with no strap then be sure to browse the crocodile collection. With the same animal scale finish but minus the heavy detailing, this classic boot is sure to say charm and sophistication.

New Rock Boots

Many New Rock shoes feature a smooth leather finish but there are plenty of other options too. Explore the collections to find your favourite look and then concentrate on the details to find your dream design. The vintage ankle boot features a patterned finish in a variety of colours. The paisley and floral prints are sure to add a splash of colour to your outfit. However the muted metallic colours won’t overpower your look. This subtle hint of colour has been carefully chosen to help you stay looking your best for any occasion. Coming in every colour from New Rock boots purple to red, we know there will be a colour to suit you.

The New Rock Motorcycle collection has plenty to offer when it comes to New Rock boots sale. These smooth shoes are sure to complete your biker fashion. Featuring a crossover strap to the ankle, these are perfect for pairing with full leathers or Sons Of Anarchy inspired clothing. The rounded toe and black rubber sole gives a smooth, classic biker boot shape.

Our final collection of ankle boots is from the VIP range. These rock boots men feature a slimline style for a lighter boot. The thin soles are very different from the chunky style of reactor boots. The low heel with a metallic silver finish is a classic style of mens Chelsea boot but since this is New Rock, they have a fabulous alternative twist. The patterned leather finish and addition of extra colour panels will pair smartly with a suit or an everyday outfit. From dragon scale features to deep cherry red panels, the antique steampunk styling of these shoes is sure to appeal to your sense of style.

New Rock Boots Clearance

While we know they come with a fairly large price tag, we know the quality of these boots make it worthwhile. When you buy imitation or fake New Rock boots at a cheaper price, you aren’t getting the same high quality manufacturing as you would with the real thing. From durable construction, including natural leather, interchangeable parts and specially designed insoles you can enjoy the knowledge of a well-established boot brand.

Here at Blue Banana, we have a small selection of reduced price shoes and boots so you can enjoy brand new boots at second hand New Rock boots prices. Don’t search for New Rock boots eBay, buy direct from Blue Banana for a personal touch and excellent customer care. 

If you are just discovering the world of New Rock why not take the time to explore more options? With so many collections and style variations available you want to make sure you are getting your dream shoe. From the more unusual New Rock sandals to the classic style of the Reactor collection, we know you won’t have any trouble styling your new footwear. We also stock platform boots and other high heeled styles if you are searching for New Rock womens boots to pair with an evening outfit.

As one of the top New Rock boots UK stockists we aim to give you as many options as possible which is why we stock such a huge variety of styles. While many of our styles are available on custom order only, if you are in a hurry to get your new gothic gear then be sure to browse our Urgent Order New Rock section. If you are shopping New Rocks boots USA you will also be pleased to hear we are able to ship to a variety of countries so you won’t miss out on the best alternative footwear brand out there. 

As you can see New Rock ankle boots come in a range of designs so you can choose the best style to pair with your style. Whether it is gothic, punk, biker or other alternative looks we know you will love these looks.