Blue Banana Models: Alternative Fashion

Checkout our affiliates modelling a range of gothic and alternative clothing. Wearing brands such as Banned Apparel, Jawbreaker, Vixxsin and Poizen Industries, take inspiration for your next gothic outfit. 

Blue Banana has taken on an exciting venture this week and has paired up with some amazing creators.

Meet Our Latest Affiliates

We want to show you some of our amazing clothing on real people, and what better way to do that than have it modelled by our amazing affiliates! Our latest photoshoot collaboration involves our most recent models: Sophie and Rowan. We’ve also have an amazing photographer on board, Michael Barnes. Our affiliates have taken to the streets of Sheffield for a awesome photoshoot opportunity. Sheffield is the ideal setting for a grunge, alternative style shoot. 

Rowan, otherwise known as @cutesick on Instagram, is a Sheffield-based model with an edge! Rowan is the perfect model for alternative style clothing with her coloured hair and tattoos. With a touch of gothic attitude, Rowan really rocks these clothes!

Rowan is wearing the Jawbreaker Avoid Turtleneck Sweater. This long sleeve jumper is perfect for the upcoming winter months. It has 'avoid' written on the collar and 'not me' on the sleeve. She's also wearing the Banned Cold Wave Bodycon Skirt and Dr Martens Devon Heart Nappa Quad Boots. This outfit makes the perfect gothic attire for any occasion. 

Rowan has also shown off our Banned Moth Satchel Handbag , which is the perfect accessory to this outfit. Shop the look below.

Get to Know Rowan

Hi Rowan! Tell us about yourself!

I'm a 25 year old barista by day, but my real love is alternative modelling. I've been doing photoshoots for 5 years now and I've worked with some fantastic photographers along the way, with hopefully many more to come. I'm a huge fan of the spookier things in life, which I think comes across in my physical appearance and how I like to dress, do my hair and makeup.

How have you find the experience?

Working alongside Blue Banana has been really rewarding in the sense that it's felt like my hard work over the years has accomplished something that a younger version of myself would be proud of. I remember browsing in blue banana Sheffield as a young teen, and now being featured on their advert's and Instagram seems a little surreal!

Talk to me about your modelling? 

Modelling for me has been an incredible journey of self love and discovery, even if that does sound cliché! Like a lot of people, I struggle with confidence issues and negative thoughts around my body and modelling definitely helps me through this. It's also been a massive creative outlet for me over the years, as an ex art student I love creating and making my visualisations become a reality in photographs.

Do you have a favourite item from the shoot? 

My favourite piece from the shoot is definitely the Jawbreaker turtleneck as it's comfy, isn't too thick and really flattering with the wrist and neck details making it an eye catching piece to add to your wardrobe. I would definitely recommend picking this piece up as it's versatile and lends itself well to any autumn capsule wardrobe

Our other brilliant new model is Sophie. Sophie’s bright hair and dark makeup were super effective in this photoshoot! Her cool alternative style makes her the right candidate for a Blue Banana Model.

Sophie is wearing the Vixxsin Rhiannon Jeans with embroidered rose flower details with lace-up, corset style feature on the legs, and Poizen Industries Mase Harness with chains, O-rings and straps. Sophie has also modelled our Banned Esoteric Top and the Alchemy Gothic Raven Ear Wing Earring. You can find Sophie on Instagram at @thecrimsonthorn. Her rocker aesthetic works perfectly with our range of alternative clothing!


Get to Know Sophie

Hi Sophie! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for a few years and love chatting to all the new people I see every day in my job. I also love cats, tattoos, motorbikes, and all things rock music! I have a massive admiration for all forms of creativity including film, television, music, art, and this is also where my interest of modelling came from. I’ve been modelling for a few years now and it started when I saw a friend of mine doing a few nice shoots which she put on Facebook. My favourite part of modelling is definitely meeting all the unique people in the industry and seeing all the different roles they play.

What was your favourite part of the Blue Banana Modelling experience?

My favourite part of the shoot was seeing all the different locations which most people would just walk past, but we managed to make the photos look great in all the different areas. My favourite piece had to be the super cropped hoodie. I’ve always loved the style of these hoodies, and with the thumb holes it made it even more comfortable. 

Why were you interested in working with us?

I was approached by my photographer about collaborating with Blue Banana and my young alt teenage side pretty much jumped with excitement! I have always loved Blue Banana’s products, so to be able to work with them has been amazing. I can’t wait for what the future holds with them!

Meet the Photographer 

Our talented photographer Michael Barnes has created some amazing shots of our beautiful models. Michael is a Sheffield based photographer that creates amazing high-quality photos, especially with models. Michael's alternative style is the perfect match for Blue Banana.

Get to Know Michael

Hi Michael! Tell us about yourself!

I am 38 and from Sheffield, I am a massive nerd and am obsessed with anything to do with space.

How long you've been a photographer?

I have been a fashion photographer for around 2 years, I started out doing street photography as a hobby.

What's your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy all aspects of photography, I get the most pleasure from meeting new people and trying new creative ideas. I love seeing the final results from a shoot.

What did you enjoy about the shoot?

I really enjoyed working with Rowan and Sophie to create some stunning images and showcase some great outfits sold by Blue Banana, which is the go to alternative style store on the high street. I remember buying band t-shirts from the store when I was a youngster and its now great to be working with you. 

You can find Michael on Instagram at @michaelbarnesphotography or find his sites HERE.

Get inspired to create your own outfit and head over to our clothing section to find yourself some new items for your wardrobe.

Get Involved!

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We're so excited to be able to work with such talented individuals and we're glad they've become official Blue Banana Affiliates. Keep your eyes peeled for more work from Michael, Rowan and Sophie.

Written By Charlotte Smith