Find out the answers to the ultimate piercing question: piercing gun vs needle along with your other FAQs about being pierced with a needle. Here at Blue Banana, our experienced piercers favour the ear piercing needle for precise piercings that are more successful at healing and therefore we don’t use piercing guns for any type of piercing.

At Blue Banana, you will be pierced with a sterile single-use piercing needle. A piercing cannula has a small hollow tube to create the piercing hole which is much safer than using any other type of piercing gun. Using a piercing needle is a much cleaner method that is more precise than a piercing gun, therefore, causing less trauma to the piercing site and allowing for fast healing. 

Some shops that offer piercings will only offer lobe piercings because they can be performed with a gun however when it comes to a piercing gun vs needle for lobe, the piercing gun is a much more damaging process. If you visit a licensed piercing studio such as Blue Banana, we have the knowledge to perform a huge variety of piercings meaning we are experts in performing safe piercings with a needle on all areas of the body including the lobe. Lobe piercings should be taken just as seriously as other body modifications when considering where to get your piercing.

We perform all piercings with a needle so the process is similar for each type of piercing but in this article, we are particularly focusing on ear piercings as some studios choose to use a piercing gun or Studex system to perform ear piercings. With over 2. years of experience, Blue Banana is here to answer your needle piercing questions.




How do they pierce ears with a needle?

To pierce your ears with a needle, your piercer will first clamp your ear with forceps to keep the area still and taught. They will then take the piercing needle and pass it through your skin to create the piercing hole. Next, they will insert your chosen jewellery.

Before this takes place, the piercer will have marked the piercing area so that you can check that you are happy with the position and sterilised your skin. Your piercer will have recommended the best type of piercing jewellery for healing. However, once your piercing has healed you will be able to swap to other types of jewellery such as hoops and rings.

How long does it take to pierce your ears with needle?

Piercing ears with a needle is a very fast process. In a matter of 1-3 seconds, your piercing will be done. To help your body prepare for being pierced, your piercer may ask you to take a long breath in when they are ready to push the needle through your skin which will help your mind and body to remain calm. Before you know it, your piercing is completed and most people find that it didn’t hurt as much as they thought.

Often the anticipation before the needle ear piercing is worse than actually getting the piercing but there’s nothing to be anxious about. The Blue Banana piercers are there to guide you through every step of your piercing in a calm and professional manner. With hundreds of piercings performed every day in our stores, our piercers are experts in performing all types of piercings.

Is it better to get ear piercing with a needle?

Needles give better results for ear piercings because they are precise and clean. This means the healing time is shorter and typically they hurt less than other methods. All the equipment used at Blue Banana for your piercing is single-use and comes in sterile packaging and your chosen jewellery will be sterilised before being inserted.

Many parents find themselves researching whether to get their children pierced with a needle or gun. A needle piercing is quick and precise plus it can be less daunting than being approached with a large piercing gun that may make a noise. If you are searching for the best place for Children’s ear piercing with needle near me then Blue Banana can perform a professional piercing in a sterile and safe environment. We offer lobe piercings from the age of 5 with parental consent. For our full list of age restrictions, please see here.


Is needle better than gun?

Ear piercing needle vs gun: A piercing needle is much better than a gun for several reasons including the level of pain and accuracy. A sharp cannula needle creates a neater hole and causes less trauma than a piercing gun which often will simply push the piercing jewellery through the skin, therefore, causing more irritation to the area. Piercing guns are not recommended for many types of piercings such as cartilage piercings as this method can cause the cartilage to shatter. In comparison, a sharp piercing needle is pushed precisely through the cartilage to create a small wound that is much easier to heal.

How long do ears hurt after piercing?

Pain levels and tolerance vary from person to person but generally you can expect your ears to hurt for a couple of days after getting pierced. You will initially feel a sharp pain when getting your piercing which is often followed by a dull throb or ache as you do have a fresh wound on your body. You may find that your ears will swell not long after the piercing but after a few days, this will reduce. This is simply your body’s natural reaction and marks the start of the healing process. Ear piercing with needle pain is reported to be less than being pierced with a gun.

To help your ears feel more comfortable, make sure not to sleep on your new piercing. You can also use products such as our Pro Pierce Tea Tree Oil to soothe the piercing site and reduce inflammation. Make sure to dilute your Tea Tree Oil before applying it.




What hurts more needle or gun piercing for ear?

While getting pierced is a highly individual experience, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that a piercing gun hurts more than a needle. For ear piercings, some studios will offer you the option of a needle or a gun but at Blue Banana, we only pierce with a needle because we have found that it is much less painful and gives more precise results. This will also help decrease the pain and discomfort of the healing process and it creates a more accurate hole. A piercing gun forces the jewellery through your ear which causes more trauma to the area and creates a bigger wound. A piercing needle can quickly and accurately be inserted through the ear to create the piercing. As you can see a piercing gun vs needle is a much less effective way of performing a piercing.

Is it safe to pierce your own ears with a piercing needle?

The quick answer is no, you should never pierce your own ears with a piercing needle at home. Complications can arise such as infection and improper placement so it is always best to visit a licensed piercing studio. Ear piercing needle kits are often available to purchase online but it is important for your safety to visit a professional piercer to carry out your body modifications. Blue Banana’s trained piercers will deliver a needle piercing in a sterile environment and can recommend the correct jewellery for your piercing type.


To help your piercing heal once it has been performed there are plenty of things you can do:

  • Do not touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it.
  • Only touch your piercing after washing your hands with antibacterial soap and drying them.
  • Do not change your piercing jewellery before the piercing has healed.
  • Avoid contact with products such as cosmetics to keep your piercing clean.
  • For more information about piercing aftercare, visit our article here.

Lobe ear piercing with needle healing time will take on average 6 – 8 weeks. If you are getting an ear cartilage piercing it is likely to take about 3-9 months to fully heal. Each of our piercing sections will tell you information about that type of piercing including healing time so make sure to browse our website to choose your next piercing or jewellery.

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