New Rock Knee High Boots

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New Rock Knee High Boots

3 products found.
New Rock M.236-S1 M8 High Boots (Black)
New Rock M.236-S1 M8 High Boots (Black)
New Rock M.272-S2 Space Platform High Boots (Black)
New Rock M.272-S2 Space Platform High Boots (Black)
New Rock M.1030-S1 M8 High Boots (Black)
New Rock M.1030-S1 M8 High Boots (Black)
When it comes to looking for the best pair of alternative shoes available, there’s only one brand that really comes to mind; and that’s New Rock’s. This shoe manufacturer is well known for having some of the most exclusive shoes that are tailored and custom made for each person. From formal shoes to the iconic reactor boots, there’s something for everyone. But if you’re in need of a new pair of shoes that show off your unique and elegant gothic style, you must see our range of New Rock Knee High Boots.

If you have any prior knowledge to New Rock Boots we’re sure that you know a thing or two about their massive range of collections. Although they may seem rather daunting at first, the New Rock Boots Sale on Blue Banana carefully explains them all to you so it will never be a problem. Just sit back and let us talk you through why New Rocks are for you! 

New Rock Knee High Boots & Shoes

On the Blue Banana website we are always bring you more and more different alternative choices so that you can create a style that best fits with your personality. In doing so, we are also regularly updating our collection of Nu Rock shoes with the best and boldest styles. As we mentioned previously there are a huge number of collections to choose from, but that’s just the beginning. Compared to many other retailers that will have a basic colour variation between styles; New Rock UK makes sure to go all out with every aspect of their shoes.

Among some of the prestigious features which give New Rock their outstanding reputation are their materials and finishes. When picking your pair of New Rock Boots ladies you’ll have a hundreds of options to choose from. You’ll be able to pick from the type of leather which is used and even the design. The most common finish a pair of New Rocks is generally given is the high quality premium leather; however some other styles such the Neptuno New Rock Platform Shoes may feature the gorgeous polished finish by using their exclusive patent leather. But that’s not all! IF you’re conscious about animal welfare there are also many pairs of knee high boots that will offer vegan leather as a substitute. 

It doesn’t stop there! As well as their incredible upper materials, there’s another part of these shoes that receives just as much attention. The soles on a pair of New Rock Boots are one of the most defining features. Among the various soles you’ll notice that they all feature an iconic finish. From metal rivets and bolts, to even the fabled New Rock branding. Depending on the type of sole and shoe you are looking for, you’ll also be able to get your New Rock Footwear with heels of platforms! Keep reading to find out more.  

But the customisation doesn’t end there! If you’ve got a style on your mind we’re adamant that New Rock will have a pair of knee high or tall boots to help with just that.  Not only will you be able to choose from a variety of colours, you will also be able to choose from many different finishes such as various animal skin styles, flame decals and even different rivets and buckles. Whatever you want, all you need to do is find it on the Blue Banana Store. 

New Rock Knee High Boots

The range of Knee High Boots within the Blue Banana New Rock collection is completely aimed at the best alternative fashionistas. We’re sure you own a pair of tall boots already but we can guarantee that none of them meet the same outstanding quality that these New Rocks do. Intrigued? Let us point out the most popular knee high collections in detail below:
  • Reactor: For the absolute iconic gothic New Rock style, it’s all about the New Rock Reactor Boots. If it’s your first pair from this brand then there really isn’t a finer choice. As well as a mixture of both buckle and lace finishes, you’ll receive the iconic natural rubber reactor sole with dedicated metal rivets and plates.  Usually built as a calf boot, the Tall boots style features all the same outstanding qualities throughout, making these a fine pair to any New-Rock newcomer. 
  • Platforma: The New Rock Platform shoes are stylish but above all, bold. The styles are brilliantly designed to be vastly different with one staple feature throughout, the block metal heel. These are perfect for anyone looking for some tall steampunk footwear styles to add to their collection or anyone with a motivation to get the best gothic attire. Visit the Blue Banana website and see all of the options we have to offer.
  • Military: The best thing about this style is their classic style and their unisex finish. Depending on your preference you’ll be able to get a pair of these Gothic boots in a wide number of colours and styles. They feature an 18 eyelet lace up system and minimal trims for an authentic and practical style.
So there you have our list of New Rock Knee High Boots! Get ready to pick your favourite pair and take your gothic style to the next level! There’s always new additions so keep your eye out and get your perfect custom New rock Boots.