Here at Blue Banana, we want to ensure you have the best and safest experience when purchasing contact lenses. Always thoroughly read the Terms & Conditions for our contact lenses once you have reached the checkout. 

We sell our lenses on the understanding that you have agreed to all the statements it contains. Here is more of our specific information regarding contact lenses.

Before opening the packaging please check that the diameter, base curve, and duration are as expected. In the rare circumstance where you have received the wrong lenses please do not open them and contact our customer services team with a picture of the incorrect item.


Damages Information

Customers will only be able to return contact lenses if they are still sealed. Under these circumstances, you will be asked to cover the cost of the return postage. If you are returning your order we recommend choosing a tracked delivery service as Blue Banana accepts no responsibility for postal issues. 

Please note that once opened contact lenses cannot be returned, unless the product is faulty. Here are a few things to check before opening the contact lens vials or blister packs:
  • Tears or damage to the packaging
  • Damage to the seal
  • Leaks or missing solution from the vial or blister packs
  • Damage to the lenses such as tears 

Always check your lenses before opening the container for any defects. Whilst this doesn't occur very often, occasionally the lenses can become damaged in transit. If they do appear to be damaged please do NOT open the container. Take a picture of the affected lens and send it to our customer service team, at, who will be able to offer a refund or replacement.

If your lens or the packaging does appear damaged do NOT attempt to insert the lens. Never try to rehydrate a lens that has become dry. 

If you are using a 30-day, 90-day, or 1-year lens for regular wear it is important to check the condition of the lens before each use. Contact lenses also have an expiration date so make sure to check this before using your contact lenses. 

Lens Care

Here are some tips and tricks for preventing damage to your lenses.

When using your coloured contacts it is important to only use your fingertips when handling the lenses. Fingernails can easily tear contact lenses. Alternatively, you can use a tool such as a lens insertion wand when handling lenses to reduce contact.

Always ensure you have soaked your lenses before use for at least 2 hours in contact lens solution. Read the information on your lens solution products because different brands recommend different amounts of time. NEVER wear contact lenses straight from the packet. The solution used to package contact lenses is stronger than everyday lens solution and may cause your eyes to feel uncomfortable.

Using contact lens solution is essential for good contact lens practices. It will reduce the risk of introducing infection or bacteria to the eye.

Whenever handling your lenses make sure to thoroughly wash and dry your hands. It is also important to clean your contact lens case with lens solution before use and at regular intervals during use.

Please note that contact lenses should only be stored and cleaned in contact lens solution. Never use water as this can contain potentially harmful bacteria. Wherever possible avoid cleaning your lenses with saline solution as it does not have the anti-bacterial active ingredient found in contact lens solution. Always use fresh solution. Never top-up the old solution with new.

Always ensure you have checked the duration of the lenses you have purchased. Longer duration lenses can be used multiple times. Please note the duration begins from the time you open your contact lenses and does not refer to the number of uses. Daily or 1 day lenses can only be used once and then must be disposed of in your household waste.

Always ensure the contact lenses you are ordering match the diameter and base curve of your prescription by consulting your optician or qualified medical practitioner. 

All the contact lenses stocked by Blue Banana are soft coloured contacts. This means the surface has been designed to be breathable, lightweight and thin. 

If you experience any discomfort as a result of your coloured contact lenses and the problem persists after removing your lenses please consult a medical professional. To reduce the risk of any problems occurring ensure you have read and follow the advice in our Customer Disclaimer (which you will need to agree to on Checkout).

Our coloured contact lenses should only be worn for up to 8 hours with at least a 12 hour break in between uses.


Inserting and Removing Contact Lenses

If you are new to wearing contact lenses it can take practice to insert and remove your contact lenses. 

The most common technique for inserting contact lenses is to place the lens on the index finger of your dominant hand. Use the other hand to pull down the lower eyelid. Then place the lens on your eye. Try to resist blinking for a few moments to allow the lens to settle onto your eye.

In order to remove the contact lenses pull down the lower eyelid and use the other hand to gently push the lens towards to bottom of your eye. Pinch the contact lens very gently between your fingers and remove it from your eye. Make sure to clean your lenses before storing them if they are a long duration type.

When inserting your contact lenses it is important to take note of your environment to ensure there are no additional factors that could cause irritation. For example, dust, pollen, and smoke can all stick to the contact lens surface, therefore, causing irritation. 


Lens Designs

Any contact lenses from the blind effect and mesh range will greatly obscure vision. These styles cover both the iris and pupil, unlike other styles which cover only the iris. We usually recommend using these lenses for photoshoots or styling your costume with only one blind effect contact lens. These lenses should not be worn while driving due to the visual impairment they create.

The images on our website are for illustrative purposes only. While the contact lenses are designed to give a stunning and dramatic change in eye colour, the colour transformation will vary depending on your natural iris tone. Please ensure you have read the information included on our contact lens product pages. If a lens is labelled as "enhancing" they are generally not suited to darker eye colours.

If for any reason you believe that the lenses may not give you the colour change you are expecting please do NOT open them. Instead, contact our customer service team at to arrange a return and refund.

Our UV contact lenses are designed to glow under UV blacklight and will give a solid colour under normal light. These lenses are NOT glow in the dark. They must be activated by a blacklight. Please note these lenses or any other (unless specified) do not provide UV protection from sunlight.

The Enhancing Full Tint Contact Lenses are a unique type of natural lens that covers the pupil and iris in a coloured tint, therefore, giving a light hue to the vision as well as the iris. These lenses are best suited to wearers with lighter eye colours or eye colour similar to that of the lenses.


FDA Approved & CE Marked Lenses

The lenses stocked by Blue Banana are FDA Approved and CE Marked (please see features on each product). This means they have been certified by the Food & Drug Administration of America to be fit for purpose and effective for the intended use. The CE Mark is a similar certification for the European market.

Remember, Coloured Contact lenses are classed as a medical device and should be treated accordingly. This is why it is important for your eye safety to only purchase from reputable sellers with the appropriate certification.