Hair Dye FAQs

Hair Dye FAQS

Hopefully our how to guides already helped you through the hair dye process and you have the amazing hair you deserve. 

But, just in case we didn't cover everything in our hair dye guides, here are some frequently asked questions.

Q. Why Should I use Manic Panic?

A. Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Colour uses vegan friendly ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals. It also conditions and adds moisture to hair, acting as filler. Its unique formula also features no animal by-products and is tested on celebrities, not animals!

For the most intense colour results, hair should be lightened to a light blonde or be a naturally light shade. When applied to 'virgin' or unprocessed hair, results may vary depending on hair texture and colour. 

Manic Panic is not suitable for use on eyebrows or eyelashes.

Q. Can I bleach my hair if I've dyed it black?

A. We do not recommend using bleach on hair that has been previously dyed using a permanent black hair dye. Lightening permanently coloured black hair can be highly damaging to your hair and cause severe breakage, damage and could even result in significant hair loss. Do not attempt to do this without first consulting a professional hair stylist who can evaluate the condition of your hair and provide advice on the process.

If dyed black, some of the darker Manic Panic shades can create great highlights and compliment your hair colour. For example, Vampire Red will add rich, cherry red tones to dark locks and can actually condition and hydrate the hair without causing further damage.

For naturally black 'virgin' hair we recommend using Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Kit in Volume 40 to lighten the tone.

Q. Can I dye my dreadlocks?

A. Think that you can't experiment with colour 'cos you've got dreads? Think again! Whether you opt for a bright blast of colour or a subtle tonal tint, you can jazz up your look in a heartbeat!

Depending on the length and thickness of your dreadlocks, you may require more than one jar of Manic Panic dye:

 1. Always wear gloves.
2. Separate each dread into sections.
3. Heavily saturate each dread with Manic Panic Hair Colour using a colour brush.
4. Wrap up each dread with foil to prevent colour bleed.
5. Leave on the foil for at least an hour.
6. Rinse out each dread separately with cool water until it runs clear. Do not use shampoo.
7. Blot out each dread carefully with an old towel.
8. Ensure all dreads are completely dry before going to bed or wearing a hat to avoid colour staining.

Q. Can I use Manic Panic on chemically treated hair?

A. Different types of chemical treatments include:
  • Permanent Waves
  • Brazilian/Chinese Straightening
  • Relaxers
  • Body Waves
  • Permanent Hair Colours (Professional OR 'Box Dye')
  • Bleaching/De-colourising
  • Perming
Manic Panicís Classic and Amplified range of semi-permanent hair dyes and styling gels are completely safe to use on hair that's been chemically treated. We do not recommend the use of Flash Lightning bleach kit, as chemically treated hair may be too fragile to withstand the lightening process. Even if the chemical treatment was done a long time ago, if used on treated hair it can cause serious damage. If you are considering bleaching your hair once more, consult a professional stylist so that they can evaluate your hair to ascertain if it's suitable for further chemical treatment.

Before using any semi-permanent hair dyes, make sure you perform a strand test to see the result, as chemical treatments can cause varied effects!

Q. Can I Use Manic Panic To Cover Grey Hair?

A. Darker shades of Manic Panic can provide full coverage on grey hair and will eventually fade to a pastel shade, whereas light colours will add a slight tint to grey hair. 

Itís recommended you leave the hair colour on for a full hour to process as grey hair can be highly resistant.Applying heat can help to open up the cuticle layers for better absorption, but for the best results itís still recommended you pre-lighten your hair.

Q. Do I have to pre-lighten my hair before colouring?

A. Pre-lightening hair is the best way to ensure you get the best and brightest possible result and the closest match to the colour swatches. 

Lightening with the Manic Panic Flash Lightning Kit to a very pale blonde will give the best results.

Q. Do I need to pre-lighten my hair every time I want to dye my hair?

A. Itís only necessary to lighten re-growth (I.e. The roots of your hair), as repeated 'whole head' bleaching can cause breakage and damage.

Q. How do I avoid staining my skin?

A. Protect yourself from dye stains by wearing protective gloves and applying petroleum jelly or conditioner around your ears and hairline.

Q. How can I remove dye from my hair?

A. If you're looking to remove your colour but don't fancy using a bleach bath or dyeing over the top of it, why not try out one of this techniques? The following items can all contribute to the removal of hair colour:
  • Hot Oil treatments
  • Alcohol based styling products (Hair gel, mousse, hairspray)
  • Using anti-dandruff or deep cleansing shampoos
  • Adding a teaspoon of baking powder into your shampoo, then massaging into the hair with a little warm water.
Darker colours may take a longer time to fade and can leave behind a slight tint during the removal process. The results of hair colour removal and fading varies from person to person and may take longer than you expect.

Consult the advice of a professional hair stylist or the manufacturer before using non Manic Panic hair lightening and colour removal products. This will help you to avoid products that aren't suitable for your hair type, needs or budget.

If your hair was pre-lightened before adding colour then it will return to that shade as the bleach is permanent and acting like a 'base colour'.

If you need to remove your hair colour fast, here's something else to try. 

As a last resort the 'Last Resort Soap Cap' is a trick used by Manic Panic Dyehard Gooby and her hair stylist to remove unwanted dye. Remember, it's recommended that you seek advice from a professional before attempting this at home.

Mix in a plastic bowl:
  • 3 tbs Developer
  • 2 tbs Lightener Bleach
  • 2 tbs Clarifying Shampoo
  • 2 tbs Dry Hair Conditioner

1. Wear a pair of protective gloves.
2. Apply the mixture to wet hair, starting an inch away from your roots.
3. Quickly knead the mixture into your hair, working from the ends and towards the roots.
4. Massage the mixture into the hair for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Rinse out with clean and warm water.
6. Deep shampoo and condition.

The processing time of the 'Soap Cap' method can vary from person to person and its always advised you seek professional advice for colour removal.

Q. How can I remove hair dye from my skin?

A. No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents happen. We doubt anyone wants to sport dye drips on their forehead or have dye tinted ears, so if you need to clean up your act, try these handy hints:
  • Use Manic Panic 'Dye Away' hair colour removing wipes, perfect for tidying up and mishaps!
  • Rub toothpaste onto stain with an old toothbrush and scrub it away, making sure to rinse the area intermittently.
  • Mix equal parts baking soda and washing up liquid and rub in with a toothbrush or your fingers. Gentle circular motions are recommended to avoid irritation.
  • Purchase a professional quality hair colour remover, this is typically sold in most beauty retailers, pharmacies and supermarkets.
  • Avoid rubbing alcohol as it can potentially dry out your skin, causing irritation and discomfort. If you must use it, apply a small amount to some cotton wool and use a gentle dabbing motion. Ensure you use moisturising lotion afterwards to avoid damaging your skin.

Q. I have never used a lightener before, should I visit a professional stylist?

A. Itís always recommended that you seek the help and advice of a professional hair stylist when colouring your hair for the first time. 

Q. Is it okay to use Manic Panic during pregnancy?

A. Manic Panic is safe to use during pregnancy, however, itís best to avoid harsh chemical products such as bleach. 

Q. Is Manic Panic suitable for use on pets?

A. We do not recommend using any hair products on your pets. However, Manic Panic is made from natural ingredients and is safe to use on animals. Remember, as a responsible pet owner YOU are responsible for the outcome of dyeing your petís hair/fur. Please keep the following in mind:

Never use bleach on your pets. As such, it is advisable to use Manic Panic colours on animals with white or light coloured fur. Bleach can be extremely painful for animals if it gets on their skin, so we do not condone or recommend the use of bleaching or pre-lightening products on pets. Animals will often lick irritants on their skin, so ensure you supervise your pet at all times and try using a cone to prevent them from ingesting any dye.

Before dying your petís fur, please visit a vet. Remember, animals are prone to allergies, just like humans! Keep Manic Panic away from their nose, eyes, mouth and anywhere they might be able to lick and ingest dye. If your pet does consume any dye, they may get an upset stomach or vomit. If any problems persist, please take your pet to a vet immediately.

Always make sure that your petís hair is dyed by a professional groomer, preferably one with previous experience in using Manic Panic on animals. Pet fur tends to be more resistant than human hair, so darker or brighter shades are recommended. As you would for yourself, make sure to perform a strand and patch test and immediately remove the dye if your pet becomes distressed.

Q. Whatís the difference between permanent & semi-permanent hair colour?

A. In the most basic of terms, a semi permanent colour will typically fade or wash out in anything from 7 days to 6 months, whereas a permanent hair colour will grow out over time. Manic Panic is a semi permanent colour that doesnít contain any harmful chemicals and relies upon vegan friendly natural ingredients that sit upon the top of hair.

Manic Panic dye partially penetrates the hair shaft with smaller colour molecules, whereas permanent hair dyes contain ammonia and require peroxide to penetrate and bond with the hair shaft. Manic Panic is gentle and doesnít require any mixer or bonding agent.

Q. What is UV Colour?

A. Manic Panic has a range of shades that are UV reactive, this means that they glow under blacklight!