New In: Spring and Summer Steampunk Fashion Spectacular!

If you’re a mad fan of Steampunk Fashion, then this is the blog for you! Here at Blue Banana we have a wicked range of Steampunk clothing and accessories to finish off your unique style in true anachronistic style! From Jackets and Coats to Jewellery, your style is sure to burst with true Steampunk style this Spring/Summer Season!

With a number of Steampunk inspired events on the horizon, such as Asylum Steampunk Festival, Phoenix Alternative Festival and Rolling Stock Out, now’s the time to treat your wardrobe (and yourself) to that extra special something!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to our site today to see what industrial inspired delights we have in store!

New In: Jackets and Coats

Perfect for adding that finishing touch to your elaborate ensemble, our wicked range of Steampunk inspired Jackets and Coats is enough to set pulses racing! With a vast number of styles and cuts to suit, these funky and eye-catching jackets are sure to take your style from 0 to 100 faster thanáany steam-poweredácontraption! If you’re after something that possesses military undertones, then why not check out the Pentagramme Military Coat! Bursting with regal tones, this gold trimmed jacket is sure to impress this Spring/Summer Season. However, if you’re after something a little different, then why not check out the Golden Steampunk Grim Long Coat! Complete with faux waistcoat detailing, this elegant, stud fastened coat is sure to switch your style from grim to great in a matter of seconds!

Despite most of our Steampunk inspired Jackets and Coats being Unisex, we do offer a selection of Ladies Fitted style jackets! If you’re looking for a tailored fit to complete your spectacular style, then why not check out the Banned Corset Coat or the Golden Steampunk Huntress Coat! Both are sure to bring about that sophisticated and elegant edge you’ve been searching high and low for!

New In: Dresses andáCorsets

With an extensive range of Dresses and Corsets to choose from, there’ll be no stopping your style with a little help from Blue Banana! Whether you’re after something with that extra edge or something with an extra flare to it, we’ve got you covered! Here at Blue Banana, we’ve got an abundance of fashionable Steampunk inspired Dresses and Corsets to choose from! No matter what your preference, we’ve got exactly what your wardrobe ordered! If you’re after a dress that’s got a lot of volume and detail, then why not check out the Desdemona Steampunk Corset Dress or the Clarissa Dress! Both are bursting with style and are sure to get people complimenting your look wherever your adventures take you!

If you’re after a new corset to see your style right this Spring/Summer Season, then why not check out our extensive range! With a vast range available from big name brands such as Burleska andáMidnight Peep, you’ll be able to tighten up your style in no time! With a number of under or overbust designs to choose from, now’s the time to complete that Steampunk inspired look you’ve always dreamt of!

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New In: Shirts and Blouses

If you’re in the market for a fresh looking new blouse or top to pull your ensemble together with, then let Blue Banana become your next one-stop shop for all things Steampunk! With a wicked range of Men’s and Women’s shirts and blouses to choose from, you can rest assured that your silky smooth Steampunk style is sure to stun this Summer Season!

Dress to impress with our extensive range of long or short sleeved tops! If you’re after a shirt that possesses gothic undertones, then why not opt for the Phaze Gothic Flock Ruffle Shirt! Boasting a frilled layering to the front, this velvet flock-print shirt is sure to complete any look off in true Steampunk fashion! Similarly, if you’re a big fan of lace cuffs, then why not check out the Ladies Banned Lace ShirtFeaturing an all over floral print finish, this dainty blouse would work perfectly with either a mini or pencil style skirt!

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New In: Accessories

No outfit would be complete without the appropriate accessories! Here at Blue Banana, we have a HUGE selection of Steampunk inspired accessories to treat your style too. From Hats to Masks and from Cuff Links to Wristbands, we’ve got it all! Complete your fashionable festival style with something a little different today! Are you looking to impress with a funky new eyewear accessory? If so, then why not check out the Solstice Octopus Goggles! Bursting with individuality, these cog, spike and octopus decorative goggles are sure to get eyes locked on your gaze! However, if you’re after a pair of goggles with a little more vibrancy, then why not check out the Blue Banana Steampunk Style Goggles in Pink! Sure to turn heads, be sure to get your hands on a pair for yourself today!

So, there we have it! Here at Blue Banana we’ve got everything you could ever need to complete your sensational Steampunk inspired style! With the Spring/Summer Season well underway, now’s the perfect time to invest in something new to showcase this fashionable, festival season! Have you got a style that you’d like to share with us? If so, then why not hit us up on Social Media? You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest! We can’t wait to see what wicked Steampunk fashion styles you have to share!

Written By BlueBanana