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Fake Ear Stretchers

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Blue Banana Acrylic Fake Ear Stretcher (White)
Blue Banana Acrylic Fake Ear Stretcher (White)
Blue Banana Acrylic Leopard Print Fake Ear Stretcher (Red)
Blue Banana Acrylic Leopard Print Fake Ear Stretcher (Red)
Blue Banana Acrylic Zebra Print Fake Ear Stretcher (Black/White)
Blue Banana Acrylic Zebra Print Fake Ear Stretcher (Black/White)
Blue Banana Acrylic Star Print Fake Ear Stretcher (White)
Blue Banana Acrylic Star Print Fake Ear Stretcher (White)
Blue Banana Acrylic Leopard Print Fake Ear Stretcher (Natural)
Blue Banana Acrylic Leopard Print Fake Ear Stretcher (Natural)
A fake ear stretcher offers the perfect compromise for those wanting to try stretched ear lobes without permanently changing the gauge of your lobe piercing. If you aren’t quite sure whether lobe stretching is for you or your school/work does not allow stretched lobe piercings then a fake stretcher earring could be the answer. 

So, what are the benefits of wearing fake ear stretchers versus actually gauging up your ear piercing, and when might you want to consider avoiding the stretching process altogether? 

  • Fake stretchers look incredibly realistic and are easily worn through most ear lobe piercings.
  • You can avoid any chance of infection, pain or rejection that sometimes occurs during stretching.
  • You avoid any hassle of actually increasing your ear piercing size, saving money and time.
  • You can switch your jewellery back to standard lobe studs at any time.
  • If you change your mind you won’t be left with a gauged up lobe piercing.
Fake stretcher piercing jewellery fits in a standard lobe piercing but is cleverly designed to give the illusion of a stretched lobe. Fake ear stretchers allow you to maintain the look of a stretched ear lobe without having to gauge up your piercing if you’re not comfortable enough to do so. These fake ear stretchers tend to feature a tapered acrylic design complete with fake ‘o’ rings which are used to hold real ear stretchers in place, for a realistic look.

Choosing Your Fake Ear Gauge

The fake ear gauges are even available in a range of sizes so you can decide how stretched you want your lobe to look. From 3mm – 6mm tapers, there has never been an easier or more convincing way to achieve the look of a stretched earlobe.

The ear gauges are available in a range of designs. If you are looking for fake plug earrings for guys you can explore a range of plain designs as well as fun printed patterns such as leopard print and stars.

The great thing about wearing fake plug earrings is that it is much easier and quicker to change your jewellery compared to a real ear plug. Just like your other earrings, you simply remove the back of the fake ear plugs and gently insert the post through your lobe piercing. Then re-fasten the back or the jewellery and you are finished!

You may find that fake stretchers are too heavy for freshly healed piercings. If you do experience any soreness we recommend switching back to a regular stud until the piercing returns to normal. Soreness or redness can happen from time to time in lobe piercing so switching to an earring that is light and made of high quality material such as titanium or surgical steel should help resolve the problem.

Our fake gauges feature surgical steel posts which are perfect for healed piercings as they are durable and non-corrosive meaning they are great for everyday wear.

It is important not to wear fake plugs until your lobe piercing is fully healed but the good news is that lobe piercings are one of the fastest healing piercings at just 6 weeks so you won’t have to wait long to switch to this awesome accessory. Always follow piercer advice and never switch your piercing jewellery before the full healing period as this can irritate the piercing wound and cause complications. Switching jewellery before the end of the 6 weeks could ultimately lead to your healing time taking even longer so a little patience definitely pays off in the long run.

Do fake gauges stretch your ears?

Fake gauges do not stretch your ears but can be a great cheat’s way of getting exactly the same look as a stretched ear piercing. Ear stretching takes time so for a quick fix you can try out plugs, tunnels, and tapers that are designed as fake ear stretchers with a gauge that will match your regular lobe piercing.

Be sure to visit Blue Banana for fake gauge earrings UK. With years of piercing knowledge and experience thanks to our popular piercing studios, you can trust that we know what we are talking about. With an extensive jewellery range to shop once your piercing has healed, you are sure to find plenty to switch up the look of your piercing. Fake ear stretchers are definitely a great way to completely change the look of your standard lobe piercing and are sure to attract plenty of attention.