New Rock Shoes

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Platform (5)
Flat (2)
Footwear Type
Flat Shoe (2)
Platform Shoe (4)
Shoe Size
UK 4.0-4.5 (EU37) (3)
UK 5.0-5.5 (EU38) (1)
UK 6.0-6.5 (EU39) (3)
UK 6.5-7.0 (EU40) (3)
UK 7.0-7.5 (EU41) (1)
UK 7.5-8.0 (EU42) (1)
UK 8.0-8.5 (EU43) (1)
UK 9.5-10.0 (EU44) (1)
UK 10.5-11.0 (EU45) (1)
UK 11.0-11.5 (EU46) (1)
UK 12.0-12.5 (EU47) (1)
Vegan Friendly
Yes (2)
No (3)
Footwear Collection
Mili Collection (1)
Newman Collection (1)
Tower Collection (2)
Wall (3)
Footwear Features
Studs (1)
Metallic Accents (1)
Buckles (1)
Chunky Platform (4)

New Rock Shoes

7 products found.
New Rock M-106-VS1 Vegan Ankle Boots (Black)
New Rock M-106-VS1 Vegan Ankle Boots (Black)
New Rock M.2246-S20 Newman Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.2246-S20 Newman Shoes (Black)
New Rock M-WALL106-V17 Vegan Shoes (Black)
New Rock M-WALL106-V17 Vegan Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.120N-S17 Tower Platform Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.120N-S17 Tower Platform Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.NEWMILI03-S1 Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.NEWMILI03-S1 Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.WALL106-S23 Shoes (Black)
New Rock M.WALL106-S23 Shoes (Black)
New Rock M-WALL-106-NSPORT-V5 Shoe (Black)
New Rock M-WALL-106-NSPORT-V5 Shoe (Black)

If you’re looking for substance, sophistication, quality and, most importantly of all, alternative style, then browse through our extensive collection of New Rock shoes, here at Blue Banana.

We have a fantastic selection of New Rock shoes amongst our online collection, with a wide variety of high quality, hand-made designs that are well suited to all manner of occasions and should appeal to all tastes. For a professional style that shows off the pinnacle and excellence of alternative fashion; look no further than a pair of our New Rock Shoes UK.

High Quality, Stylish & Totally Unique New Rock Shoes

Coming from one of the world’s most famous alternative footwear companies, well known for their extreme designs, New Rock boots and shoes should be your first choice when it comes to choosing a pair of high quality shoes; no matter what reason you need or want them for. They’re versatile, stylish, comfortable, and made with a loving attention to detail, for men and for women looking for a collective combination of all the features of a pair of premium mens formal shoes.

There’s a huge variety of New Rock shoes to choose from within our collection and there’s the perfect shoe for almost every occasion or look you’re going for. Great for work, formal events and even those looking for the finest extravagant casual wear - there are always plenty of opportunities to strap on your fancy Nu Rocks.

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair, New Rock knows exactly how to cater for your look. They know the ins and outs of all the types of formal shoes for men. New Rock is literally your one stop shop for mens dress shoe styles. Not only is every single pair within the catalogue built from the finest long lasting materials; you’ll find yourself being able to pick a pair of comfortable mens shoes to rival any existing pair. 

A Pair Of New Rock Shoes For All Occasions & Styles

As we suggested above, New Rock offers the world outstanding comfort, style and luxury for those looking to acquire the most premium aspects of alternative fashion. One of the best and most comfortable styles that are offered within our collection of luxury shoes are our range of Mens formal black shoes.  Following the same pattern of all the other New Rock Footwear styles we stock, they are only made from some of the finest materials available. 

When you first take a look at the vast amount of styles on our website, you’ll probably want to narrow it down slightly. If you’re looking for our types of formal shoes for Men, then you’re going to want to focus upon two of our New Rock Collections: Newman and VIP. Both of these styles feature the classic formal shoe design with extra trims so that you can pick a pair that perfectly resonates with your alternative style. At first glance you may not be able to notice the difference between the two iconic styles. They both feature the classic New Rock metal heel and a premium exclusive leather finish; however the key difference to these styles is the trims. One has strap fasteners while the other features clip buckles.  But that’s not the only key differences to these mens formal shoes

  • Colour: No matter what your favourite colour is, you’re sure to get a pair that will match with your iconic style. From Metallic, Primary, or pastel shades; shop it all on the Blue Banana website.
  • Skin: As well as the classic patent and exclusive leather finished that are given to almost every pair of footwear we stock, there are some special variations that feature more extravagant animal skin styles to make them one of the best formal shoes brands available.
  • Trims: One of the key identifying features to any pair of New Rocks are the trims. Depending on the style of shoe you go for you can receive laces, buckles or straps. Within the VIP and Newman collections you’ll notice a key focus upon buckles and straps; however some styles feature custom skull and flame finishes. 

You can also guarantee that these shoes from New Rock were made with plenty of TLC. Hand made in Spain, each pair of New Rocks is of the highest quality, features plenty of personality and is made from the finest materials such as leather. Don’t worry animal lovers, as there are also plenty of vegan friendly alternatives too! 

With a huge variety of high quality alternative footwear to choose from in our massive New Rock range, there’s no doubting you’ll find that perfect pair of New Rock shoes to add some class and sophistication to any outfit!