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Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Silver Moon)
Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Silver Moon)
Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Sun Kissed)
Splat Hair Chalk 3.5g (Sun Kissed)
Splat Ombre Fire Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Kit 86ml (Red Ignite/Hot Ember)
Splat Ombre Fire Long Lasting Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Kit 86ml (Red Ignite/Hot Ember)

If you’re someone who loves to change your hairstyle frequently, then Splat hair dye is exactly what you need! This brand has dedicated themselves to making some of the most vibrant and long-lasting hair dyes on the market, which is something that other brands struggle to deliver. Splat never fails to deliver when it comes to giving you the most stand out looking hair.

Whilst hair dyes will look most vibrant in bleached hair, Splat hair dye will give even darker shades a splash of colour. With stunning colours such as the shining turquoise colour Aqua Rush, and the pretty in Pink colour which gives hair a gorgeously popping colour.

Dye Your Hair The Most Vibrant Colours With Splat!

Our range of semi-permanent Splat hair dye colours is pretty huge, with Blue Banana stocking more colours than you can name! So no matter what hairstyle or effect you want, you’re sure to find something to suit your fashion sense. It’s impossible to list all the Splat shades we stock, so here’s just a small sampling of our colourful collection:

  • Dusty Rose
  • Lemon Lime
  • Mint Candy
  • Sugar Plum
  • Blue Envy
  • Deep Emerald

These past few years have seen ombre hair become one of the most popular styles to have your hair, and this can easily be achieved with Splat semi-permanent hair dye. Whilst the most commonly used look involves bleaching the ends of hair, many creative people will prefer more punked-up styles with more vibrant colours. This is where Splat products shine once more, and their dyes have the most varied shades that will have you standing out from those average colours.

Whilst ombre hair is well-loved, another look that has been getting a lot of attention is dip-dyed hair. This involves two or more colours added to the tips of the hair in a gradual style, and there’s no better colourant to use on tresses then Splat hair dye. This look can be as creative as you are, and the bolder the colours the greater the look!

No Dye Can Compete With Splat Hair Colour!

Because we want you to have the best colour possible, each Splat hair dye pack comes with lightening bleach as well as colourant, so that you can put your hair in a condition that makes it perfect for dyeing with.

Another great thing about Splat is the wide range of products they sell. There’s more to Splat than simply hair dye – with the brand being committed to making sure you can get the colour you want the way you want it. Don’t believe us, why not check out a Splat hair dye review? Here are a few of Blue Banana’s favourite types of Splat products:

  1. Long-Lasting Hair Dye. There are many reasons why we love Splat’s hair dye, mainly because it’s long-lasting and effective. What more can we say? If you want a new hair colour whether it be Splat hair dye pink, blue, green, silver or something else entirely you can rely on Splat!
  2. Hair Chalk. If you don’t want to commit to a new hair colour quite so fully as using hair dye, then this chalk is a great option. Hair chalk allows you to get a great and vibrant hair colour quickly and with no commitment! As soon as you wash your hair it’ll all come out! With gorgeous colours such as Splat hair dye midnight and Purple Pixies, it’s easy to see why we’re so in love with Splat’s hair chalks. Don’t take our word for it; the Splat midnight hair colour reviews are sure to help you feel confident in your purchase.
  3. Extra Strength Colour Remover. This product is a fantastic safety net in case you do decide you aren’t quite as in love with your new hair colour as you thought you’d be or you are ready for a change.

Splat hair dye is one of the best hair dyes around; they have something for even the most reluctant hair dyer. Their selection of vibrant hair chalks is perfect for transforming locks into a vibrant display of colour that can be however creative as you desire. Hair chalks are particularly great at giving you the same intensity as hair dye, minus the commitment to keeping the colour. With an easy application, you can simply use these chalks on dry hair and when you’re done it can be easily washed out with water.