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How To Care For Dyed Hair

How To Care For Dyed Hair

Want to learn about how to help your colour last longer? Check out our aftercare tips.

There's nothing worse than seeing your beloved dye job fade away, so we've put together all the tips and tricks on how to care for dyed hair to help you make the most of your new colour.

After Dyeing Hair Tips

How do you keep dyed hair healthy? How to take care of coloured hair?

  • Wash your hair as infrequently as possible to stop your dyed hair from fading.
  • Use a deep conditioner before dyeing your hair to make sure it is as healthy as possible but stop using it a few days prior to dyeing hair as this will help the colour to ‘stick’.
  • Choose a shampoo that will help preserve your colour without using any nasty chemicals e.g. a sulphate-free shampoo.
  • Alternatively, skip the shampoo altogether and use a vinegar and water rinse.
  • Avoid using hairdryers and other heated tools to keep your hair healthy and slow down fading.
  • Wear a hat or use a protective spray to stop those UV rays from fading your hair dye.
  • Avoid swimming or wear a swimming cap, especially in chlorinated water.
  • What should you not do after dyeing your hair? How to maintain dyed hair?
  • After dyeing your hair, wait as long as possible before using shampoo.
  • You should not use certain hair products, especially if they contain harsh chemicals or are labelled as anti-dandruff products.
  • Avoid using hot water. After dyeing your hair, using cold or at least lukewarm water will help to seal in that colour. Warm water re-opens the hair cuticle, allowing the colour to bleed out.
  • Avoid thick and deeply moisturising hair masks. They are designed to penetrate into your hair in order to work effectively but that can have the side-effect of fading your new colour faster.
  • Where possible, you should not go swimming in chlorinated water. This can cause your new colour to get an undesirable green tint.  If you do want to go swimming, consider wearing a swimming cap.
  • After dyeing your hair, you should try to minimise the amount of direct sunlight that is on your hair. Whether that is by wearing a hat, using a hair protection spray, or simply staying out of the sun.

 How do you wash your hair after dyeing it?

After dyeing your hair, wash it with cold water and a colour safe shampoo or conditioner as infrequently as possible. If you want your colour to last, only use water to wash your hair or keep your hair fresh by using a dry shampoo in between washes. Using cold water when washing your hair will prevent the hair cuticle from opening up which will help to keep that hair colour locked in and slow down fading. 

Can I rinse my hair the day after colouring? 

Most hair dyes give the best results if you wait for at least 72 hours before washing your hair after you have dyed it. You will need to rinse your hair while dyeing it but after that, you should leave it for as long as possible to allow the hair cuticle to close and lock in the colour.

How long will my hair dye last?

Colour fade varies from person to person and application to application but in general, darker colours tend to last longer than lighter or pastel shades due to the bolder, brighter pigments used in the dye. Here are the average times that each brand of hair dye will last:

  • Crazy Color: 6-8 washes
  • Headshot: 2-8 washes
  • Herman’s: 8-12 washes
  • La Riche Directions: 2-6 weeks
  • Manic Panic: 4-6 weeks
  • Paintglow: 4-6 washes
  • Splashes & Spills: 7-15 washes
  • Splat: up to 6 weeks
  • Stargazer: 2-6 weeks

 How to preserve hair colour? How to treat coloured hair?

To help make your colour last longer, you can rinse your hair with a white vinegar hair colour treatment. To preserve hair colour, this should be done shortly after dyeing as it raises the pH level of the hair, giving the dye more permanence. This is how to treat your hair using a vinegar rinse:

  • Rinse out your hair colour until the water runs clear.
  • Mix half a cup each of white vinegar and water together in a bowl.
  • Pour the mixture over your hair until saturated.
  • Comb the vinegar and water mix through your hair, from root to tip.
  • Rinse out with cold water.

Before you use this vinegar rinse, make sure to read the instructions for your hair dye, in case it is recommended to wait a few days before washing your hair. When washing your hair, opt for a mild shampoo that's free from alcohol and sulphate, and avoid the use of anti-dandruff shampoo.

Should you wash your hair with cold water after dyeing it?

One of the easiest ways to help retain your vibrant colour is to wash your hair in cool water, as the hotter the water, the more your colour will fade. If you can bear it, give your locks a final rinse with icy cold water, as this helps to seal the hair cuticles, encouraging them to lie flat and reflect light, resulting in shiny, colourful hair.

Shampoo & Conditioner For Dyed Hair

What is a good shampoo for coloured hair?

We recommend using mild or gentle shampoos, free from oils and clarifiers. Deep cleansing shampoos are ideal for pre-washing before adding colour but can cause premature fading in hair that's already been dyed. Anti-dandruff or oily shampoos are also not recommended as they will prevent hair dye from clinging to the hair and processing properly. Some hair dye brands have their own ranges of shampoo for dyed hair including Manic Panic, Crazy Color, and La Riche Directions.

In particular, Crazy Color shampoos are designed to preserve certain colours so you can enjoy your new hair shade for longer. This includes shampoo for blue hair and best shampoo for purple colour treated hair.

What conditioner is good for dyed hair?

It is important to choose a good conditioner for dyed hair. You want to repair any damage that may have been caused during the dyeing process without penetrating the hair cuticle too deeply, as this can cause the colour to bleed or fade. The best conditioner for dyed hair is a product that is specifically designed for use with dyed hair. If you want to preserve your hair colour while also caring for your hair then you will find that the best conditioner for coloured hair is the conditioner that matches your brand of hair dye. Many hair dye companies produce their own range of conditioners and shampoos to help you care for your new colour.

With these dyed hair tips, you should have no problem in preventing your new hair colour from fading too fast and in ensuring your hair is in the best condition after applying hair dye. Want to find out more tips and tricks for dyeing your hair at home? Make sure to check out our Hair Care & Style Guides.

Please Note: Blue Banana hair dye information should be read alongside professional advice. Blue Banana makes no guarantee of validity and additional instruction should be taken from trained persons.