Snake Eye Contact Lenses


Snake Eye Contact Lenses


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Our range of snake eye contact lenses can help you transform the colour of your eyes and shape of your pupil for a reptilian look. If you love nothing more than to change your style and help your costume stand out, then we bet you will love the look of these vertical pupil lenses. Why not opt for some 30 day contact lenses so you don’t have to replace them as often? With regular cleaning and proper care, longer duration lenses such as 30 day and 90 day styles will give you plenty of costume opportunities.

We have found that our range of snake contact lenses is becoming increasingly popular, especially during Halloween. We sell these awesome lenses throughout the year meaning you can get your hands on them whenever you please. This means you can enjoy sporting the same style all year ‘round. These snake contact lenses can become part of your SFX makeup collection. What’s more, they are FDA approved Halloween contacts meaning you know they’re have been certified as safe for 30 days of use. 

We sell a variety of scary contact lenses that we know you’ll adore. You want to look different from everyone else and you want to do it well. This is why we are happy to offer you the chance to wear a snake contact lens style in a range of colours.

Our Range of Snake Eye Contact Lenses 

We currently sell a range of styles that can be used as snake eye contact lenses. If you choose our green snake eye contacts your eyes will be transformed into an animal style thanks to the vertical pupil and vibrant green colour. Complete with 2 lenses per pack, if you want to scare someone, stand out from the crowd or try out a cosplay, a pair of snake contacts could totally switch up your costume. 

Our new white snake eye contacts look a little scary but are nothing short of awesome. The pure white shade of this design makes them a dream for fantasy costumes and cosplays. The mystical white colour will give your eyes a haunting finish.

Halloween-style contacts are sure to surprise and scare people. Choose your dream contact lenses including Dragon Lenses, Cat Eye Lenses or Reptile Contacts and dress up as a snake for your next party or event. You can dress up as any type of snake you want as all lens colours will work well with just about any costume.

Cosplay contact lenses are ideal if you want to get your look just right. For example, do you want to go to a convention dressed as:
  • Sir Hiss, Robin Hood – If you love Disney’s Robin Hood or you’re a cosplay fan you may have thought about recreating Sir Hiss’ white snake eyes with contact lenses. These lenses allow you to get your costume right, down the last detail! 
  • Master Viper, Kung Fu Panda - If you love the Master Viper from Kung Fu Panda you’ll love the green snake contacts. You can also use these contact lenses to help you create your own snake inspired characters or fantasy cosplays. Master Viper’s green eyes match her gorgeous green scales, the perfect inspiration for a makeup look!
  • Kaa, The Jungle Book - If your favourite movie or book is The Jungle Book, you will know you need yellow snake eye contacts to help you dress up as Kaa the Snake. During the Disney film, Kaa’s eyes change colour as he hypnotises Mowgli. With our great range of contact lenses you can change the colours whenever you wish. You could even have one colour in one eye and another colour in your other eye. 
  • The Basilisk, Harry Potter – The Basilisk is another example of a snake with yellow eyes but after Harry heroically injures the great beast, it’s eyes become red. This could be a great opportunity to try out a red snake or red dragon style coloured contact lenses.
  • Vertical pupil lenses – Any vertical pupil lenses will be ideal if you want to dress up as a snake, a reptile or even a dragon. Find inspiration from ancient snakes with an ouroboros contact lens or check out more modern animated characters.
If you plan to create your own fantasy creature you could try our snake eye contacts that look like cobra contacts. Then let your creativity flow when your transform into your favourite animal, or create your own dragon character. Our range of reptile eye lenses is ideal for Halloween, days when you want to dress up or those times that you just want to pull off a different look. Regardless of which lenses you decide to choose they are worth adding to your costume.

Snake Eyes Contact Lenses from Blue Banana 

Like any style of contact lenses, it is important to know how to care for your snake contact lenses. With the right care, your contact lenses will not cause you any problems. Clean contact lenses will ensure your eyes stay comfortable and moisturised when wearing our snake eye contacts. For our longer duration lenses including 30 day and 90 day styles, you need to get into the routine of cleaning the lenses. The good news is this is a fairly easy routine that takes no more than a few minutes. 

There are a few things to remember when it comes to wearing any coloured contact lenses. You should not wear lenses for more than 8 hours a day. You may start to notice that you can feel your contact lenses especially if your eyes are dry after extended use. Leaving your lenses to soak in fresh contact lens solution will ensure they are hydrated and ready to use, next time you want to put on your costume. Another thing to note is that the period of 30 days/90 days starts when you open the packet and you remove the lenses from the packaging.

With snake eye contact lenses there are plenty of opportunities to get creative with makeup and costumes. We can’t wait to see you dress up at Halloween or enjoy showing off at a comic convention so be sure to tag us on social media.