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Dragon Contact Lenses


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Become a terrifying mythical beast with the dragon coloured contact lenses available. If you’re looking to dress up a mythological reptilian beast either for Halloween or a Cosplay event, you will need to complete your outfit with a pair of contact lenses that suit your style. We understand that you love to put some attention to detail into your costumes and so you don’t want to create a whole costume and then have it affected by your natural eyes. Instead you can have a vertical slit for a pupil that looks really animalistic. So make sure that you check out our dragon contact lenses section for all of the options for your outfit.

You might be apprehensive about purchasing coloured contact lenses as there are many different factors that might not live up to your expectations. Well we understand how you feel and you’re right to think that way. Many other stores will claim to make coloured contacts but they are really just tinted contact lenses with a translucent colour. Their lenses won’t cover your original eye colour, but instead will combine with it for a less than desirable effect. These lenses are made with a high quality pigment that creates opaque contact lenses so it doesn’t matter if you have dark eyes, the colour will not be visible underneath the lenses from us. With such great quality, our range of coloured contacts is your one stop source for all of the high quality coloured contact lenses that you need.

An Extensive Range of Dragon Contact Lenses.

Now you may be wondering which lenses would suit your costume the best and it’s sitting somewhere in this collection. You could go straight to the dragon coloured contact lenses section and browse, or you can get some inspiration from some of these options that are particularly popular. So look at some of these wonderful dragon eye contacts that you can use for this year’s Halloween party.
  • Blue Contact Lenses – For those who are looking to create a special undead white walker dragon themed costume that is inspired by the Game of Thrones series, then getting some blue lenses can be a really crazy effect. When people think of dragon eyes, they have the vertical pupil of a beast, so why not use the Dark Blue Cat’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses. While you may be thinking that blue cat eye contacts aren’t Dragon themed, the style is still the same as a dragon’s eye so you can use it for both occasions. With 90 days of wearing, you can wear them as blue dragon contact lenses one day and then cat eye contacts the next.
  • Red Contact Lenses – Of course the best Dragon contacts are the red and yellow ones. The Red Yellow Dragon Eye Coloured Contact Lenses are the perfect design for anyone’s dragon costume, with a vertical pupil and a bursting red pattern for a fiery effect. But if you’d prefer something with a round pupil, the Dragon’s Breath Coloured Contact Lenses create a fiery yellow and red pattern, or you can try the Hellcat Coloured Contact Lenses for a similar effect but with more yellow on the iris. Becoming a dragon for Halloween is easy with the most realistic dragon eye contacts on the internet. 
  • Green Contact Lenses – If you’re on the search for green dragon eye contact lenses then coloured contacts have a few very special options available. Once again these have the vertical pupil that fits the dragon eye style so well. The iris features blue spikes on a green background so you can have the stunning emerald eyes of an Irish or Welsh dragon. There are more to check out in the green dragon eye contacts section so be sure to check them out before your special fancy dress event.
  • Prescription Contact Lenses – We understand that some will prefer the idea of being able to look great and correct their vision at the same time, so you can get your hands on the Yellow Cat’s Eye and Aqua Cat’s Eye prescription contact lenses. The design is a simple iris with a vertical pupil but you won’t have to walk around wearing glasses or having blurry vision. You can’t go wrong with these ideas if you’re looking for prescription dragon eye contacts.

The Safest Dragon Lenses at Coloured Contacts UK

When you’re looking for Halloween Contacts online it’s important for you to get the quality that our coloured contacts can provide. Some poorly made contacts can be dangerous and will ruin someone’s vision if they’re unlucky. In our coloured contacts store, all of their lenses are FDA approved which means they are examined intensely to make sure that they are completely safe. So getting a pair of scary contact lenses doesn’t have to become a really scary situation. You can trust us to take your health seriously, so make sure that you do too by only buying FDA approved contacts like the ones available on our website.

These Halloween contact lenses come in different durations so if you’re purchasing lenses that last for more than one day you will need to keep them clean. There are 90 day and 1 year lenses that will require cleaning regularly to keep them safe for use. The lenses need to be cleaned in a contact lens case like the ones you can find advertised on our website. Using the contact lens solution you can easily clean the contact lenses and store them away for your next event. If you do not clean the lenses regularly then dust and bacteria may build up which can result in poor eye health and may lead to an infection.

When it comes to dragon eye contacts Amazon and eBay have to compete with our coloured contacts website because of their extensive range of colored contacts. Because they only focus on this one product, they are able to offer the expertise and focus that you want from a lens provider. With so many wild eye contacts available, you would be crazy to go anywhere else for your coloured contact lens needs. So get ordering today and you can have the perfect pair of dragon coloured contact lenses for your Halloween or Cosplay party.