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Black Sabbath Merch

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Official Black Sabbath Logo Keyring (Purple)
Official Black Sabbath Logo Keyring (Purple)
Official Black Sabbath The End Tour T Shirt (Black)
Official Black Sabbath The End Tour T Shirt (Black)
Official Black Sabbath Wavy Logo T Shirt (Black/Purple)
Official Black Sabbath Wavy Logo T Shirt (Black/Purple)
If you’re a Black Sabbath fan, then don’t feel paranoid because Blue Banana has plenty of official Black Sabbath merch such as t shirts dedicated to the iconic metal band that you don’t want to miss out on!
We have an awesome selection of Black Sabbath merch up for grabs, including cool t shirts and more all dedicated to the iconic heavy metal band that created the entire genre!

Don't Be Paranoid, We've Got Plenty Of Black Sabbath Merch!

Fans of classic rock and heavy metal music should be more than pleased with our great collection of 100% official Black Sabbath merch. Our merchandise dedicated to the highly influential rock band that spawned the heavy metal genre includes a sweet variety of t shirts you most definitely won’t be ashamed to wear down the pub, at a gig or just causally. 

The original line up of Black Sabbath comprised of the now legendary rock icon, Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi, the man responsible for starting the heavy metal genre. In a famous accident, the ends of Tony’s fingers were cut off, meaning he had to loosen his guitar strings to be able to continue to play. Luckily, this created a heavy sound all metalheads are now familiar with today!

It comes as no surprise that Black Sabbath are still highly popular today, as both the young and old pay tribute to the influential group with official Black Sabbath merch, such as t shirts, posters, hoodies and more. Even superheroes like Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, wear Black Sabbath t shirts!

Pay Tribute To The Godfathers Of Heavy Metal With Our Black Sabbath Merch

  • 100% Official Black Sabbath Merch
  • T Shirts, Posters, & More
  • Perfect For Heavy Metal & Classic Rock Fans

Here at Blue Banana we have a respectable collection of official Black Sabbath merch that includes t shirts and various other gifts and goodies that no fan of the heavy metal band will be able to resist. There’s a variety of cool high quality designs ideal for all occasions.

So if you love Black Sabbath, either from their Ozzy days or when iconic metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio was their lead singer, then don’t miss out on our awesome collection of official Black Sabbath merchandise!