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Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution & Case (100ml)
Chromaview All-In-One Premium Lens Solution & Case (100ml)
Contact Lens Kits are an essential accessory for anyone purchasing contact lenses. Whether they are cosmetic or prescription lenses, having a handy case to hygienically store your lenses in, is sure to help your day run smoothly.

Whether you are planning on wearing your lenses as an everyday item or are saving them for a party or cosplay, a contact lens care kit is essential. Whichever type of lenses you are planning to wear, they will need proper care and maintenance to stay clean and in turn keep your eyes healthy and fresh.

Keeping your eyes hydrated during contact lens use can feel like a challenge but not if you follow the correct process. Before inserting your lenses you should always remove them from their packaging and soak them for a few hours in fresh contact lens solution before you insert them. This will ensure they are sterilised and also will add moisture. Moisture makes it easier to insert your lenses and will help your eyes adjust faster to your new lenses. Remember, every brand of lens solution is different so always follow the instructions for the correct amount of time to soak your lenses. Even if you are purchasing daily contact lenses, you will still need to soak them before you use them.

What Accessories Are In My Contact Lens Kit?

Each contact lens kit comes with a different variety of accessories and tools to help you clean and insert your lenses. For information on which items come with each case, click on a product and read through the bullet points for a detailed description. Here is a selection of the items that are included in our daily contact lens case:
  • Lens Wand Applicator – This tool can be used to insert your lenses. Attach your lenses to the end of the wand and you will be ready to insert them into your eye.
  • Tweezers – The mini tweezers will help keep your lenses hygienic. Gently pick up your lenses with your tweezers or use them to ensure the lenses are properly submerged in eye care solution during cleaning.
  • Empty Solution Bottle – Carry some lens solution with you just in case you need to remove or clean your lenses.
  • Travel Mirror – If you need to insert your lenses on the go then this small mirror will help you guide the contact lenses into place.
Most of the kits include a separate contact lens case holder and lens case so you can keep all your accessories together and secure in a clip closure holder. The outer holder is still pocket size so you will be able to fit everything you need in your handbag or small travel bag.

If you have never inserted lenses before, the contact lens starter kits are an ideal way to help you learn how to do it. The lens applicators will help anyone who is nervous of touching their eye with their finger or is worried about tearing the lenses. Remember to always avoid using your nails when handling your lenses as this can cause the lenses to tear. If you do notice any tears or defects in your contact lenses do not attempt to insert them.

Choosing Your Contact Lens Case Kit Design

While we are always getting new styles of contact lens travel case UK in stock, there are some styles that will always remain popular.

Animal designs are a top choice of contact lens travel kit. From cute kittens to funky fish, you are sure to find an adorable animal friend to take home with you. Why buy a boring lens case when you can choose from our cheap lens case designs? At affordable prices, there really is no reason not to add one of the useful kits to your basket.

We offer plenty of cute contact lens pocket kit styles, from teddy bears to lolly cases. These shapes and colours are so kawaii that you will be showing all your friends. Who knew you could gain so much from a simple contact lens case? Don’t forget, all the extra gadgets will make this a practical purchase too!

Contact Lens Kits: Information & Delivery

If you are purchasing contact lens cases UK then you can enjoy fast delivery options so if you are in need of contact lenses and accessories for a last minute party or event then you can shop with confidence here.

All our products are carefully selected so you can shop with confidence, knowing we always put your eye health and safety first. As an added bonus, we have shopped around for the cutest and most fashionable designs on the market so you can ditch your plain cases and enjoy fun styles.

Whenever you make a contact lens purchase always consider popping back for new contact lens kits. These essential kits will help your contact lens experience run smoothly and will help keep your lenses fresh and in top condition.