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Colour Enhancing Contacts


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Your eyes are naturally gorgeous but sometimes you want a change. Whether it’s to see what you’d look like with a different eye colour, match your cosplay outfit, or just to try colour enhancing contact lenses for fun.

Enhancement tint contact lenses can transform your look. At Blue Banana, our extensive range of contact lenses has something for everyone – browse our selection now and let your imagination take you to a new place. Need some help on picking the best coloured enhancing contacts for you?

What are Eye Enhancing Contacts?

Just seeing the words colour enhancing contacts might be a little daunting, but you shouldn’t feel intimidated. They’re completely safe too (we’ll explain why a bit later) and when you take care of them properly they can be reused over and over.

Coloured enhancing contacts aren’t the kind that give you creepy eye designs. They won’t hide your pupils, black out your eyes altogether or change their shape. These lenses are just going to change the colour of your eyes, no more and no less. We highly recommend giving them a go, especially if this is the first time you’ll be wearing contact lenses! It’s just enough to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

One tone and solar style contact lenses can be used for a special occasion (prom, birthdays, hen nights etc.) or, if you select the 90 day contact lenses at Blue Banana, then you will have more opportunities for a regular everyday colour change.

Just like prescribed contact lenses, the key is to keep them clean, follow the included instructions, and don’t wear them after they’ve expired. There’s really nothing to it!

Best Natural Eye Colour Enhancing Contacts

Here are our top colour picks from the Blue Banana range of natural eye enhancing contacts.

Green Contact Lenses
Did you know that green eyes are one of the rarest natural colours in the world?

All bright eye colours, including green, show up beautifully against dark clothes. These are a great choice to match with your little black dress. For natural makeup that suits your new green lenses, try shades of purple or even pink. Red stands out well against green, so for this effect choose colours that have a red undertone, like a mix between magenta and violet.

Furthermore, green contact lenses go particularly well with auburn hair, so take a look at our hair dye while you’re here (and maybe pick an auburn or light brown mascara to match).

Brown Contact Lenses
We usually have a range of brown contact lenses available for you to browse, so here’s a rundown on the most popular shades and what makeup to wear with them.
  • Hazel – a very light, nutty brown colour. Autumnal browns, reds and nudes go well with hazel eyes. Natural hazel eyes are sometimes flecked with green, another colour that goes well with this light brown shade.
  • Mid Brown – a bright, light, milk chocolate colour. Not too dark and not too dull. Mid, chocolate brown eyes go well with muted colours that won’t outshine the natural eye colour. Plum purple and muted/dark blue go particularly well with mid brown eyes.
  • Dark Brown – very dark and enticing, this eye colour is stunning when it catches the light. We think that very bright hues work wonders with the darkness of these contacts. Bright magenta or cerulean really makes the colour pop. Or, for a natural vibe, pair the dark brown contacts with a smoky eye, or muted/matte gold and nude.

Best Bright Colour Enhancing Contact Lenses

Time to go big and bold! If you want something with extra panache but still want to follow the natural vibe, these brightly coloured lenses are perfect for you.

Grey Contact Lenses
You really have a blank slate to work with here. You could go bold but still safe with red eyeshadow, or keep it monochrome with chalky black eye liner.
To really enhance your eyes even with a grey colour, consider lining your eyes with a white kohl pencil to give yourself a wide-eyed look.

Purple Contact Lenses
If your eye is caught by one of our purple toned lens sets, from violet to lilac, try these cosmetics tips for an enhanced natural style.

Purple shadows can be applied very lightly around your eyes and blended in with nude shadow, concealer or foundation for a more natural look. Dusty pinks that have a lavender-purplish tint also work well with purple lenses.

Multi-Toned Contact Lenses
Not everyone’s eyes fit into a one colour category, and neither do all our lenses. If you’re opting for multi-coloured, two-tone or even three-tone lenses, choosing a colour palette for your makeup can be difficult.

Our first suggestion is to hold different makeup colours to your face, or try on different coloured clothing to see how the change highlights the different tones in the lenses. 

If you still can’t decide, go safe with a nude/black/white smoky eye. Or, draw attention to your lips by taking one colour from the enhancing lens and matching it to a lip colour.

Is It Safe to Drive with Enhancement Tint Contacts?

Finally, lets cover safety. We’re sure by now that you’re eager to pick your new coloured contacts, but first there are some things you should know.

Always read the label. Some lenses can slightly obscure your vision which means you shouldn’t drive while wearing them. Check the label carefully to find out how much of your vision the lenses will affect.

Talking to your eye doctor is also a great idea before you buy some of our colour enhancing contact lenses. They’ll be able to tell you how to wear them safely, how to take them out and put them in, and what to do if your experience any problems with your lenses.

Once you have read all the safety information, you will be ready to try out enhancing coloured contacts. Enjoy the added colour flecks over your natural eye colour for an awesome enhancing effect.