Galaxy Lenses


Galaxy Lenses


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Find solar contact lenses that will fly you away to another universe with deep, night sky like colours and gorgeous starry effects. Blues, purples, greens and bright stars could light up your eyes in an array of cosmic designs.

At Blue Banana, we have a dazzling collection of universe lens pairs to add an extra sparkle to your eyes. Get dressed up in your best cosplay, insert your galaxy lenses, and catch the attention of every humanoid, alien and lifeform you pass that night. They’re FDA approved safe lenses that are fun to use and last up to 90 days!

Our Range of Galaxy Contact Lenses

We don’t mean to brag, but our galaxy contact lens collection is out of this world! You can get creative with any of our lenses to turn your look into eerily beautiful aliens from across the galaxy. But, if you need a little inspiration to get you started, make sure you look at these galaxy-designed lens sets.

Galaxy Blue – These contact lenses mix between a vibrant sky blue and dark night’s sky that’s verging on indigo. Flecked with white stars they’re definitely going to draw in some cosmic powers. This style pairs well with blue-toned eyeshadows, or brown and silver eye-liners to really make the colour pop.

Galaxy Blue Purple – these lenses are like staring into the time vortex itself. The purple centres surrounding your pupils melt into a blue that’s both eye-catching and deep. If you’re looking to mesmerise a few space wanderers, these are the lenses we’d recommend. 

Galaxy Grey – grey is so far from boring. We like to think of it as space-age metal! With a scattering of stars, these space eye lenses are ready for exploring a whole new world… or just finding your way to the fancy dress party. From comic-con to late-night parties, these lenses will guide you through. Grey is the easiest colour to mix with all kinds of outfits and costumes, so pick these contacts if you’re still unsure about your cosplay choice.

Galaxy Violet – very similar to galaxy blue, but with a darker shade of purple and light scattering of stars. We like to imagine these universe lens contacts were designed with the world-destroying villain character in mind.

Each set of cosmic lens contacts will set you apart from the crowd and seriously expand your horizons. Slip on a pair for your next night out and watch people star-gaze right into the windows of your soul.

Sci Fi Contacts Cosplay Ideas

Fallen in love with our lenses but unsure how to style them? Try these three popular ideas.

The Cyborg
Our Galaxy Grey cosmic lens set is perfect for dressing as a Cyborg, whether you’re from Doctor Who, Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. The half grey side of the contact lens, controlled by your mechanical self, looks positively electric besides the brilliant blue. Wear just one lens and cover the other eye with a mechanical eye-patch, or wear both and go for full body machinery.

We’d pick Galaxy Blue Purple as our sci fi contacts for Thanos! Whether you’re dressing as the latest Thanos from Infinity War, or the classic Thanos from the 70s Iron Man comics, these are perfect. The purple and blue almost ombre mix adds an extra depth to the eyes of the son of Eternal A’lars. Wear with a half-ton of purple body paint and an epic costume!

White Walkers
Violet or Blue Galaxy lenses are the best choice to be the creepy cool White Walker’s from George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones! Pale makeup, galaxy contact lenses and ghostly white hair are all you need to haunt your next comic-con or cosplaying event. This is also a great outfit idea for couples – you could both be White Walkers or mix it up with a bit of Jon Snow. It’s also very easy to do with just some pale clothes and a little glitter spray.

Why Choose Our Solar Contact Lenses?

While our contact lenses are so good they’re other-worldly, we’ve made sure they’re completely safe to wear and meet all safety standards for all earthlings to enjoy.

FDA Approved. All our galaxy coloured contacts are FDA approved, which means they have been certified fit for purpose. 

Sterile Packing. All our lenses are packaged and stored in isotonic saline solution, so you can be sure they are free from harmful bacteria.

90 days of space eye fun. Our lenses can last up to 90 days, so you can cosplay to your hearts content. Did you know you could rocket to the moon and back 30 times before the contact lenses are finished? Just make sure to keep them clean and store them in the isotonic saline solution.

You could create a new look with any of our galaxy coloured contacts and a little imagination.

Galaxy Coloured Contacts for Raves and Clubbing

Fluorescent contact lenses for a night out? So last year. The trick to wearing our galaxy lenses is to own the look. Our galaxy lenses give you a cool talking point when you are out at the night club, bar or spending time with your friends. Once the night’s over, take proper care and store your lenses correctly so you can wear them again and again.

These contact lenses are packaged in saline solution and can be stored in cases to keep them clean, bacteria-free and ready for your next adventure.

Why not buy a selection to mix and match? Our lens collection isn’t just for Halloween, you can use these just when you want to look a bit different. Stand out from the crowd with our galaxy lenses.