30 Day Contact Lenses


30 Day Contact Lenses


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Our range of 30 day coloured contact lenses, can help you make your eye colour transformation last a whole lot longer. If you’ve found a new style you love, or a new colour that matches your look then why not opt for some monthly coloured contact lenses? With regular upkeep and top contact lens maintenance, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your eye colour change for a whole thirty days. Our featured range of contact lenses features all kinds of designs from natural shades to Halloween effects!

We are finding that monthly colored contacts are becoming a more popular option as, especially with some of our more natural styles; you can enjoy achieving the same looks and makeup styles on a daily basis. These lenses can allow you to unlock a whole new natural eye colour as some of the natural tri tone, glimmer and mystic styles, can help you to achieve some truly realistic transformations. As part of your routine and getting ready regime, 30 day wear contacts could become your new favourite beauty accessory! There’s no reason these lenses can’t become a regular cosmetics purchase.

However, costumiers and Cosplayers will also be able to purchase their own 30 day contact lenses on some of our scariest styles. For some, scary eye colour transformations are a one-off event which is why we have so many single use and daily disposable contacts available. Yet for others, reusable coloured contact lenses are the answer to their long-term costume needs. If you know you have numerous fancy dress events over the festive seasons or a long list of costume conventions, then our longer wear contacts are the perfect choice for you.

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Choosing the duration of your new coloured contacts is simply another consideration when it comes to selecting the perfect pair. Monthly lenses do require more care than your regular disposable contacts, but if you’ve discovered a style you love, then we think it’s more than worth the effort.The other main difference between longer use contacts is that these contact lenses can be slightly thicker, as the material has to endure more use via insertion and removal from the eye. The increase is not often noticeable if you are used to wearing coloured contact lenses.

One of the key factors of 30 day wear contacts is the cleaning and aftercare. Due to the longer amount of time you can use these lenses, they require more care and attention between uses; especially when it comes to storing the contact lenses. With a proper hygiene regime, you can ensure that you are staying safe and minimise any chances of mishaps or possible risks. If you are considering 30 day lenses but have never used contact lenses before, there are many guides available for you to use. Read up on tips and tricks to find the best way to care for your extended duration contact lenses.

Contacts you can wear for 30 days simply mean that they can be worn for a longer number of days, not hours at a time. Whilst you should not exceed the recommended 8 hours wear time of contact lenses, you can purchase them knowing you can get more use out of them. With thirty days of potential to unlock, you can enjoy getting to show off your new longer duration contacts again and again. There can often be confusion with when the duration of the lenses begins. It should be noted that the 30 days duration is from when the lenses are opened and removed from their packaging.

Our Range of Monthly Contact Lenses with Designs

Let’s not forget that the best parts of this range of monthly disposable contact lenses are some of the exciting designs. Coloured contact lenses can allow you to create some incredible looks and styles by simply changing the look of your eyes.From novelty cat eye styles to full white zombie eyes, the potential for costumes and creativity is huge. Now you can keep the same look for longer and scare your friends again and again with extended wear contact lenses. Here is a closer look at some of the styles of coloured contact lenses available.
  • Natural Coloured Contact Lenses – a longer duration on your contact lenses means you can unlock your new iris colour for longer. With gorgeous blue eye, brown, green and grey eye colours available, there will be no stopping at which colour palette you can try next.
  • Halloween Eye Contacts – prepare to scare on multiple occasions with coloured contact lenses of all colours and styles. If you choose monthly duration lenses for your next batch of scary costume parties be sure that your friends will be in for a fright. Opt for black, white, red or even multicoloured contact lenses for ways to complete your next party outfit. 
  • Cosplay Contact Lenses – if you have perfected your favourite character creation, you’ll want to keep bringing that Cosplay to life. Be prepared for a full convention calendar with costume accessories that will serve you again and again by giving you the complete look you’ve been searching for.
There are plenty of reasons to choose 30 day coloured lenses as your next purchase. Getting high-quality lenses that will feel safe and comfortable to wear for longer will certainly make your contact lenses experience a whole lot better.With some of the super spooky designs and intricate detailing on our lenses, we think our lenses are some of the best 30 day contact lenses out there. You won’t get much better than this standout range of coloured contact lenses if you’re really hoping for a big change in eye colour.

This selection of contact lenses is some of coolest monthly contact lenses online that you will find available. This UK range is sure to help improve your next look so make sure to pick up a pair – or two. Get a whole month worth of incredible looks just from one pair of coloured contact lenses. Who could say no to thirty days of amazing new eye colours and styles?