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Slayer Merch

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Official Slayer Reign In Blood T Shirt (Black)
Official Slayer Reign In Blood T Shirt (Black)
Official Slayer Ammunition T Shirt (Black)
Official Slayer Ammunition T Shirt (Black)
Official Slayer Eagle Keyring (Silver)
Official Slayer Eagle Keyring (Silver)
Official Slayer Eagle Pin Badge (Silver/Red)
Official Slayer Eagle Pin Badge (Silver/Red)
Official Slayer Logo Gummy Wristband (Black)
Official Slayer Logo Gummy Wristband (Black)

At Blue Banana Slayer merch is available in a large variety of items. Unlike most band merch websites we’ve made sure to stock a wide variety of products such as Slayer hoodies & t shirts as well as accessories to match all manner of occasion. There’s no denying that Slayer have a made a name for themselves over the years for being one of the most iconic metal bands out there! So, if you are going to upgrade your official band merch collection or make a start with some of the best merch available; you’ve come to the right place.

Shop Official Slayer Band Merchandise

If you know a thing or two about this band you’ll know their iconic logo and eagle design are extremely easy to spot. At Blue Banana we’ve ensured that we always stock classic Slayer merchandise alongside newer released designs. Having this large collection of items means that if you have love for a specific song, album or design you’ll always be able to find something on our store. Despite the bands unfortunate retirement in 2019, there is still an overgrowing collection of Slayer clothing to get your hands on. New or iconic, these designs celebrate their triumphs over the ages with hit songs and iconic artwork that is sure to inspire your band merch wardrobe.

As well as epic designs that are sure to make you stick out from the crowd at a gig, did you know that Blue Banana only deliver 100% official band merchandise?! As well as this, you can also forget about the extortionate prices seen on other stores and festival merch stands; our merch collection always features enticing designs and offers.

 Are you ready to get shopping? Have a browse at the Blue Banana Slayer range and see exciting offers across both our Slayer clothing and accessories ranges, meaning that it’s never too difficult to get yourself a Slayer pick-me-up.

Buy Slayer T Shirts

There’s no denying that one of the most important items of a metalheads wardrobe is their official band tees. Dressed up or down an official band t shirt always looks great no matter the occasion. At Blue Banana we ensure that all of our merch is 100% official and featuring the best designs available.

Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about official merch, which is why we believe the premium nature of our Slayer t shirts truly deserve their “Gig-Ready” accolade! These tops are designed with reinforced hems and vibrant dyes that will endure the craziest events and festivals.

Are you ready to pick out your next band t shirt? Be sure to see the full official band tees range today.

Slayer Hoodies & Tour Merch

If wearing a band t shirt isn’t enough, be sure to take a look at the Slayer hoodie range at Blue Banana. We make sure to stock a variety of pull over hoodies with different styles and prints to represent the iconic eras of Slayer. Like the rest of our merch, our Slayer hooded tops are 100% official and feature a variety of premium designs to outlast your upcoming festivals. Are you ready to pick up yours for your summer event?

Blue Banana regularly stocks products in sizes from a UK S to a UK 2XL complete with an on product size guide so you can find the ultimate fitting official band hoodies.

Slayer Official Store Accessories

In case you haven’t realised it already, we’ve got just about as much to choose form as the Slayer official store range. Putting items like classic Slayer tops to the side, you’ll be blown away to see our other epic items ready to take a place in your home.

It’s an easy statement to pick yourself up a piece of band merch clothing, but if you really want to show your love for a band beyond standard merch, you’ll have to discover our collection of homeware and accessories. Wristbands and keyrings; of course we have those! But when you shop on Blue Banana you’ll also be able to find items such as Tankards, Backpacks, Wallets & Jewellery. Not only are these items sure to look great in your home, they’re a fantastic gift for any lover of heavy metal.

So there you have it! Blue Banana is the best place to be if you’re looking for alternative fashion or the best Slayer merch to kit up your wardrobe. Looking for a specific item to enhance your vibe? Be sure to check back regularly while we update our stock with classic designs and new releases.