Funky Lens Range


Funky Lens Range


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If you’re in desperate need of a new funky look, then you’ve landed on the right website. Our selection of designer quality contact lenses will have you falling head over heels, containing more funkiness than you can shake a stick at! Just browse through our funky lens range and uncover who you want to be.

We pride ourselves on offering high quality contact lenses at cheap and affordable prices, making it easy to redefine yourself on a budget. We know the pains of trawling sites like Amazon or eBay for a pair of contact lenses that suit your needs, and so we’ve collected the best of the best together in one place. We try to show you every variety of contact lenses you can think of, from coloured to UV reactive... Just so long as they’re freaky!

Lenses Galore

Among many, many other styles, we stock animal design contacts, flag contacts, full & mini sclera contacts and texture effect, patterned contacts. Now it’s a piece of cake to create a unique and exciting look. These dramatic novelty lenses are perfectly suited for special and strange events. Need something to give your feline cosplay outfit a bit more oomph? Why not browse the range of animal eye lenses? Or if you want to upgrade the creepiness of your Halloween costume, it might be worth plunging into our selection of solid colour lenses. They’re certain to make an impact!

Though if you’re looking for something a little bit more subdued, something to add a touch of funkiness to your everyday life, then have a look at our range of colored contacts. We stock almost every color under the sun, meaning that we’re ready to give your eyes what they need! Whether you’re after white contact lenses, or a mellow yellow or a groovy green, we have the goods. Just plunge headfirst into our extensive selection and find the hue and shade that will really release the inner you.

Easy and Comfortable to Wear

Thankfully our contact lenses aren’t just good looking, they’re comfortable to wear and safe to use as well. While it’s important to us to have one of the most exciting and varied ranges of contact lenses in the UK, we also want to make sure we have some of the safest ones. Our contacts are FDA approved, meaning that you can feel secure when ordering from us. Though our lenses are non-prescription, it’s important to consult a health professional before wearing them – because eye safety always comes first. So make sure to brighten up your lifestyle with some funky contact lenses and let out the real you.