Animal Contact Lenses


Animal Contact Lenses


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Your wild side is waiting and wants out! Animal contact lenses are the perfect way to channel the primal beast inside you and with Coloured Contacts range of real and supernatural animal contacts; you are guaranteed to find something to suit your fancy.

Perfect for Halloween, costume parties or Cosplay events, fashion lenses are an instant way to transform your appearance. Channel a slithering snake with a piercing reptile stare that will make your onlookers blood run cold. Or, make a grand entrance into a party and let everyone know that you are king of the jungle with a lime green cobra contact. Just want to have an extreme look for the day? Choose a super cool black flying crow print lenses that will get heads spinning in awe.

Strikingly dramatic, novelty lenses are easy to use and come in so many different options from single day use to 90 Day or even longer! For the playful and adventurous type, these are a must have accessory to have on hand. You never know when the perfect occasion will arise!

Unleash Your Inner Beast!

This is the coolest selection of animal contact lenses available anywhere. Our incredible collection includes everything from the classic Cat Eye, mysterious lizard and even fantasy Werewolf choices. Whether you want to purr or howl, our exciting fashion lenses are guaranteed to thrill.

We carry beautiful dragon designs! These feature a stunning starburst effect surrounding a vertical pupil that will completely cover the iris of your eye making them a fantastic choice even for dark eyes.

Just want to add some funkiness to your look? A pair of UV wolf eye lenses will do just that! Available in a variety of colours to match any outfit you have. Looking for the perfect scary Halloween costume? Freaky fashion lenses are the best way to accessorize!

Struggling to find the best complement for your fancy dress? Look no further than a set of wolf eye contacts. The fiery blend of red, yellow and orange colours will have your wild peepers lighting up even the darkest of nights.

Quality with Amazing Low Prices

These lenses are hydrating and comfortable to wear. Plus, they are designed with rich colour block pigments that will even transform dark eyes. You can always rest assured that you are receiving a top notch safe and quality product.

The easy to follow instruction sheet will show you exactly how to properly insert and remove your animal contact lenses to guarantee proper fit and long lasting wear.

These awesome everyday low prices let you unleash your inner animal whenever the desire arises. Make sure you have an arsenal of animal power at your fingertips. Go on, pick a few and stock up on the extreme single wear novelty lenses that will keep your look fresh for months!