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Contact Lens Cases

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Coloured Contacts Antibacterial Lens Case (Silver)
Coloured Contacts Antibacterial Lens Case (Silver)
Coloured Contacts Standard Lens Case (Blue)
Coloured Contacts Standard Lens Case (Blue)
Are you looking for awesome Coloured Contacts Lens Cases? If you want to protect your contact lenses with a holder accessory then you have come to the right place for cool contact cases. We have a whole range from plain to novelty contact lens holders. Whether you are planning on travelling or just need a safe place to store your lenses overnight, add a container accessory to your night stand or bag. 

Our sturdy contact lens cases are made from plastic to ensure they are leak proof so they are sure to last. They come in all shapes and sizes, from compact cases to larger, thicker containers. Some of our cases also come with a contact lens kit. These include the screw top contact lens case, an outer box for extra security, tweezers and a contact applicator wand to help you put in your contact lenses with ease. There is no denying how useful contact lens cases are so the next decision is which case?

Travel in Style with Cool Contact Cases 

Are you off to a Comicon event but haven’t thought about what to do with your cosplay non-prescription contact lenses? Luckily our contact lens travel case range is perfect for the job. Keep your quirky fun style by choosing a delicious cupcake design or go for a cute teddy bear box. Whichever design floats your boat, all our cases are made to make sure your coloured contacts stay safe. The screw top feature on all our contact lens cases means that your container won’t accidentally pop open and also provides a tight seal for no leaks.  

Check out our variety of cute contact lens cases. From animal contact lens case themes such as the owl contact lens case to the chick contact lens holder, why shouldn’t your coloured contacts lens case match your geek chic style? These fun cases are still sturdy and durable so you can enjoy your case while knowing your contact lenses are protected. You could even match up styles with your non-prescription coloured contacts and your funky case.  

If you aren’t into novelty cases and are looking for something practical then the plain contact lens holder could be for you. It will fit neatly into your bag leaving you plenty of room when you go travelling and giving you a discreet contact lens case holder. Which do you think is the best contact lens case?

Stay Safe with a Contact Lens Kit

Eye health is of the utmost importance when wearing contact lenses which means storing them correctly is also very important. To keep your lenses clean and reusable you need the best contact lens case. At Coloured Contacts we know eye care is essential which is why our cases are just as safe to use as our lenses. When using coloured contact lenses if you have any concerns it is always best to check with your eye doctor or opticians. We also have plenty of handy guides on our Coloured Contacts blog. 

When looking for contact lens cases UK look no further than Coloured Contacts. We also serve plenty of other countries so you can get an awesome contact lens case, from us at Coloured Contacts. Our high quality products are up there with eBay, Boots, Tesco and Walmart. So what are you waiting for? Whether you need a contact lens holder for prescription contacts or are getting ready for your next Halloween costume party, start searching for your style and you are sure to find the perfect coloured contact lens case to suit your needs.