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Contact Lens Accessories

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Coloured Contacts Antibacterial Lens Case (Silver)
Coloured Contacts Antibacterial Lens Case (Silver)
Coloured Contacts Standard Lens Case (Blue)
Coloured Contacts Standard Lens Case (Blue)
Coloured Contacts Heart Lens Case (Dark Pink)
Coloured Contacts Heart Lens Case (Dark Pink)
Make sure to stock up on contact lens accessories alongside your purchase of coloured contact lenses. It is always important to consider how to look after your lenses with the proper cleaning equipment. We’ve made to sure to stock a huge range of extras and accessories to help make your coloured contact lens experience easier and safer. You will find everything you’ll need to help build your lens cleaning kit.

Accessories For Your Coloured Contacts

We’re here to promote the safe and hygienic use of coloured contact lenses, which is why we’ve provided a load of accessories to aid with contact lens cleaning. We’ve made sure to provide you with as much information as possible on how each type of contact lens product can help you throughout the cleaning process. Here is what our range of extras and accessories contains:
  • Contact Lens Cases – our coloured contact lens storage containers are a super practical way of storing your coloured contacts. We have cute animal styles that you’ll be more than happy to show off, alongside plenty of cool and practical travel cases that’ll keep your contacts protected during your travels. Top Tip: make sure to clean your case as well as your contact lenses!
  • Contact Lens Solution – multipurpose contact lens solution can not only keep your coloured contact lenses clean, but will ensure they stay hydrated and feeling fresh in your eyes. It is important to help contacts lock in moisture, so they continue to feel comfortable during use. Top Tip: each contact lens fluid is different; follow instructions on the bottle for best results!
  • Contact Lens Kits - our kits have an assortment of tools and equipment that make it easier to handle and care for your coloured contacts. With tweezers, insertion wands, mirrors and even mini travel contact lens solution refillables one of these kits is sure to be your new best travel buddy for your coloured contact lenses.
Even if you are trying contact lenses for the first time, or are an experienced lens user, then there’s always time to consider how to improve and work on how you use your coloured contacts. As well as providing you with the lens case and the soft contact lens solution, please see our additional information and guide below on everything you should know about contact lens cleanliness.

How to Care For Contact Lenses

We want to make sure that you’re equipped with the tools, knowledge and the know-how on the best way to properly care for coloured contact lenses. With our accessories for contact lenses you’ll have everything you need to keep your contacts in tip-top condition. With a case, kit and multipurpose contact lens solution you can not only aid the insertion process, but keep the lenses clean between uses.

If you have long duration coloured contacts, you’ll need to keep on top of reducing the chance of protein and lipid build-up on the lens. It’s natural for these build-ups to occur, but it is equally important to keep on top of maintenance. Here are some extra care steps to consider:
  1. Lens preparation is a vital step to follow. You may be excited when opening the packaging of your coloured contact lenses, but bear in mind that not all lenses can be worn straight away, and will need to be soaked in solution for around 4 hours (dependent on bottle instructions).
  2. Contact lens tweezers can be your best friend when it comes to your lenses. They ensure that you can move and hold your lenses without directly using your fingers. Contact lenses are very delicate and using a pair of clean tweezers can ensure that your lenses are handled gently.
  3. The same goes for tools such as plungers, applicators and insertion wands.  If you are new to contact lenses then these handy tools can be helpful if you are not used to putting lenses into your eyes. Make sure to keep them clean and as always, practice makes perfect.
Those are just some additional tips and tricks to bear in mind when handling and caring for your coloured contact lenses. When wearing contact lenses never forget to wash your hands with soap, you won’t want any bacteria to be transferred from your fingers to the eyes! Make sure to pick all your contact lens accessories courtesy of Blue Banana.