Dr Martens: Pierced Collection

Dr Martens: Pierced Collection

The latest collection from Dr Martens is the Piercing Footwear range. You’ll find the awesome features from Dr Martens but with a punk twist. Each pair is adorned with piercing jewellery such as hoops and barbells for maximum impact! 

Embrace the punk heritage of these leather shoes. Complete with the standard Goodyear Welting and Doc Martens DNA that you know and love, these shoes come in a range of traditional Dr Martens styles such as Jadon Boots, Sandals and Shoes.

Take a look at the latest additions up close!

Featured Products

Dr Martens Blaire Quad Hardware Pierced Sandals (Black)
Dr Martens Blaire Quad Hardware Pierced Sandals (Black)
Dr Martens Bethan Piercing Mary Jane Platform Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Bethan Piercing Mary Jane Platform Shoes (Black)
Dr Martens Jadon Hardware Piercing Boots (Black)
Dr Martens Jadon Hardware Piercing Boots (Black)
Dr Martens 28-Eye XTRM Max Virginia Knee-High Platform Boots (Black)
Dr Martens 28-Eye XTRM Max Virginia Knee-High Platform Boots (Black)


The Dr Martens Bethan Piercing Shoes are similar to the well-known 1461s but offer a funkier design for more attitude to your step. 

Not only does this pair have a grooved platform sole, but you’ll also find a metal toe box and buckle fastening. This pair of gothic shoes is decorated in curved barbells with studded ends and a circular barbell buckle.

The Bethan Shoe gives a Mary Jane style with a T-bar tongue for a sophisticated vibe. The piercing adornments give a dramatic look to contrast the smooth and sleek feel of the typical Bethan shoe. Made from Milled Nappa Leather, these shoes are hard-wearing but are soft and supple from the first wear. If you’re looking for ways to break in your DMs, check out this blog. 



The Dr Martens Jadon Boot is a popular choice among fans of this brand. With its platform sole and 8-eyelet design, this boot is the epitome of alternative attitude. The Jadon Hardware Piercing Boot goes one step further; adorned with curved and circular barbells, hoops and metal plates, these boots stand out amongst the traditional Jadons. 

With a chunky Quad Sole, signature heel loop and contrast yellow stitching, you’ll still find the typical Dr Martens features on this alternative boot. Made from Milled Nappa Leather, these piercing boots Dr Martens are hard-wearing but still supple and soft enough to provide a comfortable experience. 

Check out the buckle on the front of this pair! 



Looking for statement footwear that truly shows off your style? The Dr Martens XTRM Max Knee-High Boots are for you! With a stunning 28 eyelets and reaching a total height of 70 cm, these boots are not for the fainthearted. With a Quad Max Sole, branded shoe pull and contrast stitching, these gothic platform boots offer the same Dr Martens branding that you know and love with a new extreme styling. 

These bold knee-high boots are fully adjustable with front and side lacing so that they fit you perfectly. There is also a zip on the inside so that you don’t have to unlace your boots each time you take them off. Created with Virginia Leather, these platform boots will provide a comfortable fit with full-grain supple leather. As part of the Piercing Collection, these boots have curved and circular barbells for a truly alternative style and a metal toe cap too. 

These Dr Martens boots pair amazingly with a mini skirt; check them out!



With the summer season on the horizon, it’s a great time to start thinking about updating your wardrobe. Dr Martens Sandals have grown in popularity over the last few years and we’re glad to see a pair of DM sandals in the Piercing Collection. 

These Doc Marten sandals offer a chunky Quad Zebrilus Sole with a ripple tread and signature grooving on the bottom for slip resistance. The sole is made from EVA material for super lightweight construction so you won’t be weighed down whilst wearing your new favourite sandals

Made from Athena Leather, which is a smooth PU-coated leather, these sandals have a matte appearance and are decorated with hoops, circular barbells and curved barbells. With adjustable straps and piercing buckles, this gothic sandal is a step up from the traditional Blaire Sandal. This summer sandal maintains the Dr Martens branding and construction whilst offering a striking design.

Stand tall above the rest with the Dr Martens Piercing Sandal. 


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