Monthly Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup | February 2014

February has flown by so fast and it comes time once again for Blue Banana to highlight some of the best alternative fashion blogs posted this past month. For those not familiar with our proud ongoing feature, we shine the spotlight on fascinating, enlightening and downright cool blogs and articles posted by talented writers from all across the web.

This month, we’ve highlighted an eclectic mix of posts about Japanese punk fashion, steampunk weddings and the painful process of tattoo removal. Enjoy!

Fake Your Death: MCR’s Farewell by Ali Zombie at Zombies Wear Eyeliner 20/02/2014

If you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance then this post by Ali Zombie on her personal alternative fashion blog, Zombies Wear eyeliner, should be of interest of you. Ali reviews MCR’s farewell track “Fake Your Death” which is a new track set to appear on their greatest hits collection and suggests that maybe it really isn’t over for the band and that the track name suggests they’ll be back. Are MCR “faking” their own demise? Conspiracy or not, you should join Ali in paying respects to the great emo band that’s probably the reason why you visit Blue Banana in the first place!

Mods and Mad Men: 1960s Makeup Tips at We Heart Vintage 11/02/2014

Vintage fashion styles are totally on trend at the moment, particularly styles60's make up from as early as the 50s and 60s. If you’re loving the mod look but have been wondering how to recreate they style with your makeup, then this handy guide from We Heart Vintage will show you how. With a big focus on the eyes, you’ll be looking as glamorous as a swinging sixties model in no time.60's Make Up60's Make Up

Laser Tattoo Removal – The Ultimate Cover Up by Bob Baxter at Tattoo Road Trip 10/02/14

Before you dive headfirst into getting that tattoo done, perhaps listen to this cautionary tale from an interview Bob Baxter did with tattoo fan Jason Willis. Jason had facial tattoos once, which sounds pretty cool to be fair, but eventually he changed his mind about them and had to undergo extensive laser surgery in order to get them removed. He describes the process, including the big decision, financial cost, and most importantly of all – the pain! So before you get that tattoo of your teenage sweetheart done, think about what Jason had to go through getting rid of it.

steampunk wedding

Victorian Steampunk Inspired Wedding at Green Wedding Shoes 06/02/2014

So, you think you’re a hardcore steampunk, eh? Well you’re probably not as hardcore as this couple featured in an article on Green Wedding Shoes. Niki and Leo decided on a steampunk theme for their big day and gave everything a Victorian style makeover, including costumes, invites, decorations and even the cake! There’s a stunning collection of images of the happy couple and their guests all dressed in classic steampunk and Victorian clothing which should make all you steampunk fans a little jealous.

áPunk Cake – 1980s & 1990s Vintage Fashion Boutique in Harajuku at Tokyo Fashion 18/02/2014

Japan truly is a weird and wonderful placeá – making it a brilliant place for alternative fashion style inspiration! I’m sure many Blue Banana fans would love to visit this shop in Harajuku. Called Punk Cake it sells retro clothing inspired by 80s and 90s fashion as well as music and various other accessories. This store is practically heaven for those that love to stand out and aren’t ashamed of being bold. After looking at the amazing images of all the clothes they sell you’ll probably begin planning your pilgrimage to Japan right away!

So that’s all for this month’s alternative fashion blog roundup. Enjoy what you see? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for next month’s alternative fashion blog roundup either!

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Written By BlueBanana