Blue Banana Presents : The Perfect Piercing Contest!

Calling all piercing fanatics! Blue Banana is proud to present a brand new piercing contest for all those out there with badass and beautiful body jewellery!

Just visit our Facebook Blue Banana Perfect Piercing contest app to get involved!

We have two 50 store gift cards and runner up prizes to give away to the King and Queen of body jewellery, which can be spent on getting even more piercings.

Blue Banana Perfect Piercing Contest

The Blue Banana community will vote for their King and Queen on social media via a point scoring system which works as follows:

  • 1 Like = 1 Point
  • 1 Share = 2 Points
  • 1 Comment = 3 Points

The entrant with the most points at the time of closing the contest wins!

It’s that easy,  take some excellent photos, get your friends involved and you’ll be on your way to a 50 store gift card in no time.

What are you waiting for? If you’re proud of your piercings then get snapping!

How To Enter The Blue Banana Perfect Piercing Competition

For your shot at becoming our King or Queen of piercings (and winning a tasty 50 gift card just follow these simple instructions:

1. Choose the best pic of your piercing(s) looking their most badass

2. Upload it at the bottom of this page, share it with us on our wall, via PM or Instagram using #perfectpiercingcontest

3. Await the judgement of your fellow piercing fans as your pic is shared with the community

This contest ends Sunday 12th April at Midnight, so get your entries sent to us as soon as possible! Visit our Facebook contest app to get involved.

Good Luck and may those with the most undeniably awesome piercings win!


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This contest is in no way sponsored or administered by Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for this contest’s purposes. By submitting your images you give Blue Banana permission to use them for the purposes of the promotion of this contest and any future contest. Any piercings in the photo must be your own and the person featured must be yourself or the person you are entering on behalf of. Entrants that falsely claim images to be their own will be immediately disqualified. Entrants found to have used image editing software to dishonestly enhance or embellish images will be disqualified. Entrants that perpetuate any kind of bullying, abusive or anti social behaviour towards other entrants will be immediately disqualified and blocked from our page and related pages. Any entrants found to have been connected to individuals perpetuating abusive behaviour on their behalf will be disqualified and blocked from our page and related pages. For the purposes of fairness we will not accept any entrants from professional models or “internet personalities” with great social media influence that may be used to manipulate the public voting process. You must be at least 16 years of age to enter this contest. Any entrants under the age of 16 years will be immediately disqualified. A majority of forms of piercings or body modifications are welcome, with exceptions. Entrants deemed offensive in nature (sexual, racial etc.) or in “poor taste” shall be immediately disqualified. Unfortunately, we cannot accept entries featuring genitalia or nipple piercings, including male, female and transgendered, due to Facebook’s rules in regards to such content. Users found posting innapropriate images on our wall will find their posts immediately removed and will be blocked from our Facebook page and any related contest pages. Contest prizes are subject to change and may be changed at any time at our discretion. If entering on behalf of another individual, or submitting an image that isn’t of yourself (friend, relative or client) please disclose details of your relationship with them, including who should recieve the prize. Grand prize winners will be determined via a scoring process, based on the number of “likes”, “shares” and positive feedback entrants recieve in comments. A “like” scores 1 point. A “share” counts as 2 points. A positive comment contributing to the discussion of the piercing or in support of the entrant shall recieve 3 points. Comments, shares and likes from the entrant themselves shall score no points. Entrants won’t recieve extra points for multiple comments from the same user. Both the female and male with the highest number of points at the time of closing of the contest shall be declared “King” and “Queen” of piercings. Two runners up (one of each gender), based on their respective scores, shall also recieve prizes. Any entrants recieved after the closing date won’t be counted. Any likes, shares and comments on images received after the closing date will not be counted. Unfortunately we can only accept entries from residents within the UK.

Written By BlueBanana