Blow Away The Post-Christmas Blues With At Home Salon Ideas

The Christmas holidays are speeding by and we wish we could put the brakes on! We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and are pretty sure you will be feeling as full of food as we are. If you have had enough of Christmas TV and need to prepare for returning to work then why not put aside a day for a pampering session with your best friends or family. With our At Home Salon Ideas you will feel like you are spending the day at an expensive spa!

We have all the essential ingredients, from bath bombs to makeup to hair products. You are sure to feel like an expert and may even be inspired toástart home salon business. Treat yourself to a day of relaxation before preparing for New Year celebrations.

Home Beauty Salon Ideas: Makeup

Why not start with a new coat of nail polish? After unwrapping all those Christmas presents your nails may be looking a little worse for wear so why not show off with a brand new shade. From glorious gothic black to seductively sparkly silver, we have got plenty of colours to choose from. Hate waiting for your new coat of polish to dry? Check out the Barry M quick dry range. Why not experiment with creating your own designs and patterns? Paint all your nails in burgundy and add one black feature nail for that edgy style. This is sure to get you started onáhome based salon ideas.

Get those peepers looking gorgeous with our eye makeup range. We know you probably asked Santa for all your favourite makeup but if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary then Blue Banana is the place to be. With bold, bright colours and daring palettes we think you will find these hard to resist. The Barry M Smokin' Hot Eyeshadow & Blusher Palette has all your favourites in one place. Create a flawless smoky eye, perfect for any powerful woman. If you are looking to add a spark of fun to your look then check out our bright coloured eyeliners and mascaras. From blue to red, these are sure to provide plenty of giggles at your DIY home salon.

Next you are going to need to pucker up for a new lip colour. Forget about the mistletoe and make this new lip colour all about you. Explore crazy colours or stick to classic reds and pinks. Whether you are taking youráhome salon equipment seriously or are looking for that super fun product, our lip collection is definitely diverse.

DIY Home Hair Salon

Ready to switch up your hairstyle now the Christmas festivities are coming to an end? With a huge rainbow of colours at your fingertips, why stick to the same shade? See the New Year in with a bold new hair-do. If this is your year for sticking to your New Year resolutions then start with confidence when you show off your new colour. This is definitely the perfect activity to do with friends as they can make sure you have fully covered your hair with dye, especially those tricky bits at the back! Don't forget to takeá home salon pictures.

We think pink and purple tones are going to be a huge hit in 2018, with rose gold still as popular as ever. We love to see that more and more of you are experimenting with the brightest shades of the colour spectrum, too!

These aren't the only shades to choose from. Check out theseáhome hair salons favourites. We think this is going to be an awesome year for alternative hairstyles and we can't wait to see what you come up with. Remember to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our Final Home Salon Treat

If you need a little peace and quiet before the New Year begins then what better way to relax than in the bath tub. With one of our Hex Bombs you are sure to feel revived and ready to go out and celebrate. Turn your bath into a gothic haven. The scents infused with these bath fizzers are sure to have you feeling great. Emerge with a gorgeous glow and wash away your tiredness from Christmas.

From the darkest of midnight blue to bright and fun green, you can choose your favourite and turn your bath a funky colour. Put on your favorite album and sit back to enjoy your bath fizzer.

These products are sure to help blow away the Christmas blues and help you feel fresh and energized. Make sure you are ready to embrace 2018 in style. What better excuse to spend time with your best friends than at home salon ideas? So gather the girls and get pampering!

Written By Amy McEvoy