Alternative Fashion Blog Roundup: 19 November 2013

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of some of the best alternative fashion blogs about unique styles on the internet! For those that don’t know by now, every week we scour the web for interesting articles and talented bloggers that we hope will inspire your own look. We cover all different kinds of styles so everybody can take something from our choices.

This week we have a varied selection of blogs on all kinds of topics including tattoos, goth style, t shirts and grunge. We hope you enjoy this week’s choices!

Hexotica Re-Launch by Hexotica

Christine Rice of Hexotica

Hexotica is an awesome blog run by a blogger formerly known as Gothic Burlesque or Christine Rice. Christine hails from Melbourne and is a jewellery designer, owning her own company Hexotica. She makes and sells gothic and alternative style jewellery and blogs about her own life and gothic fashion. This post is all about the relaunch of her eBay store and is full of amazing jewellery and costume designs that should serve as good inspiration for all you girls out there with a dark style. So give her site a visit and check out the kinds of alternative jewellery you could be wearing right now!

Fashion Philosophy: Kurt Cobain by Jenna Pearl at College Fashion

College Fashion is a blog specifically for student fashion bloggers, and this post is dedicated to one of our favourite rockstars of all time – Kurt Cobain. This post gives a lot of cool ideas of how you can adopt Kurt’s style and philosophy when it comes to dressing good, and not necessarily with your typical grunge look either. So if you’ve always wanted some rockstar inspired style fashion tips then this is the blog to visit!

An image from Pierced Killer Bee’s Tattoo Blog

Tattoo Styles In Depth by Pierced Killer Bee

This tattoo blog by a unique blogger named A Pierced Killer Bee (or Shannon Washington to her mum) is – you guessed it – all about tattoos and piercing! It features all sorts of images of unique tattoo designs and covers all kinds of topics related to ink and even a little bit about music too. This post could be considered a starter guide of sorts to those who are new to tattoos, with images and text detailing the many different popular styles of tattoos you might see on a regular basis. Some are really unique and were styles even we had never heard of before! So if you need some tattoo inspiration, check out the musings of Pierced Killer Bee.

A Bunch Of Infographics About T Shirts! Say What? by Teehunter

This fascinating post comes from, a blog dedicated to the world of unique t shirts, including those of every kind and style you can imagine. This highlighted blog contains some interesting infographics all about t shirts, including their history, famous shirt designs, different styles and a collection of all the different t shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. T shirts are more interesting than you might think, as these great graphics show, and who knows,á maybe you’ll be inspired to add even more to your t shirt collection!

So there you have it, this week’s roundup of amazing fashion blogs. We hope you enjoy this week’s selection and stay tuned for even more cool blogs in the future!

Written By BlueBanana