Top 10 Black Veil Brides Songs (As Voted For By Fans)

Recently we hosted a Black Veil Brides Xmas giveaway and asked fans of BVB one very big question: “What is your favourite Black Veil Brides song?”

It’s a tough question to answer, especially for the most diehard of BVB fans, but luckily all of the entrants in the competition had no trouble telling us which song they adore the most. We compiled hundreds of answers and sorted the top 10 Black Veil Brides songs by popularity, making the list you’re about to read as close as you can get to a definitive list of the very best BVB tracks.

Black Veil Brides Top 10 Songs

So without further ado, here’s the top 10 Black Veil Brides songs, as chosen by Blue Banana fans. If you’ve got any complaints about your favourite being left off, then take it up with your fellow BVB army members!


10. Heart Of Fire

One of the newest songs of the list, it seems it hasn’t taken long for Heart Of Fire to burn it’s way into the hearts of fans. Heart Of Fire opens up the band’s 2014 self titled album and opens up our list.

What the fans say: “Heart of Fire! This song is so awesome!” – @bvbsoldiers

9. Faithless

The love for BVB’s new music is strong it seems, as Faithless takes spot no.9 on the list just ahead of Heart Of Fire. Fittingly it also happens to be the second track on “Black Veil Brides”. But enough about silly facts, lets just appreciate how awesome Faithless is!

What the fans say: “My fav song is Faithless cause when I fall down to my knees I never say a prayer I don’t believe!” – @PurdyGirl67

8. Perfect Weapon

From their debut album We Stitch These Wounds, Perfect Weapon is still an absolute tune and most definitely one of BVB’s best. A little heavier than their music is now, you can’t beat old school Black Veil Brides.

What the fans say: “Perfect Weapon has been and always will be my favorite song. It has inspired me to do what I am now able to do.” – @worlds.okayest.guitarist

7. Coffin

An iTunes exclusive (Boo!) but an awesome song (Yay!), Coffin is most definitely a song for the most dedicated of BVB fans. Plus it has a cool music video. Now let’s sing it, “I’m alive and now I’m burning!”

What the fans say: “My favourite… has to be Coffin.” – @always.a.confused.girl

6. Saviour

A song that has quite literally saved the lives of fans (many told us how this song raised their spirits when they were feeling at their lowest), how could this song not be on the list? A BVB classic from 2011’s “Set The World On Fire”.

What the fans say: “If I was down to pick one, it would have to be Saviour. That song really helped me out through a tough time. Whether it’s music, a person, or a pet, ‘a saviour will be there.'” – @musical_lizard

5. Goodbye Agony

Another track from the band’s latest album, Goodbye Agony is just… epic! It has an awesome solo, great riffs and of course Andy’s soaring vocals. The popularity of this song, like angels, won’t die.

What the fans say: “My favorite song by Black Veil Brides is Goodbye Agony! First of all because I love the sound and the words! And thanks to this song I became part of the BVB army!!!” – @sabina_deren_boim

4. Lost It All

Starting with gentle piano and gradually building, Lost It All is BVB’s answer to the epic classic rock of bands from yesteryear like Guns N Roses. It even features some female vocals from Juliet Simms. It may not be top 3, but Lost It All is still a Black Veil Brides classic.

What the fans say: “My favourite song by Black Veil Brides is Lost It All. It’s my favourite because me and a lot of others will agree that it’s taught us that it’s okay to fall down, that we are not alone when we do and it’s okay if we can’t get back up straight away, as long as we try to.” @its_only_anna

3. Knives and Pens

Here’s where it all started for most BVB army members. Knives and Pens may be one of the band’s oldest tracks, but fans still love it, it still speaks out to people and many new fans are still discovering it’s awesomeness. “One final fight for this tonight. With knives and pens we made our plight!” So good!

What the fans say:My favourite BVB song is Knives and Pens because it’s the first one I ever heard of them and the one that made me really get into them.” –

2. Fallen Angels

A fan anthem if there ever was one. Naturally this song would be popular with BVB fans, as most fans of the group call themselves ‘fallen angels’. But even if you’re not quite that dedicated a fan yet, this track will make you one with it’s catchiness and epic chorus!

What the fans say: “Fallen Angels because that’s the first song I ever heard and I remember just falling in love with Andy’s voice… it’s beautiful ! BVB army. For life ! Tattoo coming in 8 months!” – @tayylaajaddee

1. In The End

Reflecting on what happens to us when we leave this world, In The End may be about death, but it’s oh so uplifting. “Who will tell the story of your life?”, asks Andy, and its a question we all wonder from time to time in our darkest moments.

But everything’s gonna be OK in the end (sorry, not sorry) because “I’m not afraid to die”, shouts Andy, and his confidence and reassurance is what drives and motivates BVB’s fans when they’re feeling their worst. In The End is rightfully number 1 on this lift, not just because of its subject matter we can all relate to, but because it just sounds so awesome, complete with amazing solo and bold riffs.

What the fans say:It’s totally In The End, this song just gives you that feelings; that never any other song can give you. When I hear the song, I just have that feeling, that I’m not alone. Never.” – @xpiercethelea


So what do you think of this list? Do you agree with your fellow BVB fans? Did they choose the right songs to represent the fandom? Let us know in the comments or over on social media with #top10bvbsongs

Merry Christmas BVB Army!

Written By BlueBanana